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    The document margin can be set and tables can be added to the documents. Requirements: PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    JavaScript PHP Documentor can scan JavaScript script files and extract documentation from tags inside JavaScript comments similar to JavaDoc tags. PHP template scripts can be used to generate the documentation in HTML. However, the structure of the package allows generating documentation in many others formats, such as PDF. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    File Importer can open a CSV file and read its data to insert in a given MySQL database table. Both command and tab separated CSV files are supported. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The XML is read and parts such as document, element, comment and attributes get defined.
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    The deluxe box is a simple box with minimization support.Limitations: Because of differences in the Document Object Models across different browsers, Servlet can only work in IE.
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    The field number or field names to extract can be specified. A numbered list of the CSV headers can also be displayed.csvFieldDump can also used in command line by passing various flags to it. If the script is made an executable type ./script -h for help.
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    XML documents are parsed using the DOM Document class and nodes of a specified name are extracted.Then XML Class can retrieve the values of the elements with a given name that are inside the previously retrieved nodes.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    A tree of tags of unlimited depth can be built.Then MLdoc generates a string with the definitions of all tags, keeping the indentation according to the depth level of each tag in the document hierarchy.
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    Resultset2xml traverses a result set of an already executed SELECT query and maps query results column values into nodes of data of the XML document.The XML document root node tag, the tag of each result row, and the tags of each result row column are configurable. The XML document resulting gets returned as a single string.Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    The output of the currently running script is captured until it exists. In the end HTML Document outputs the content in the middle of a page header and footer generated by the class.HTML Document provides convenience functions to define the HTML that goes in the page header like: Javascript, CSS, RSS feed URLs and other meta tags.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or ...
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    DocumentRoot is a simple class that can be used to determine the correct path of the Web server document root when using Windows HTTP servers on which the DOCUMENT_ROOT environment variable is not being set.
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    3-Level DOM Implementation provides two implementations of the DOM specification:- A very light-weight implementation (TBasicDOM), that you can use when you don't need so many things;- And a complete implementation (the TDOM class) of the Document Object Model Level 3 that follows all the DOM 3 Core specifications according to the http://www.w3.org.
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    The information contained in the PHP files is extracted. The documentation of the classes or functions is outputted to a page or stored in a file.Limitations: The code and comments of the class are in German.
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    TinyButStrong OOo is an extension for the TinyButStrong template engine. It allows the creation of OpenOffice documents dynamically, providing the separation between the document formatting logic and content.In practice, template can be created using OpenOffice with the TinyButStrong tags. Then a PHP script can be generated to call TinyButStrong OOo to merge the document template with dynamically defined data to ...
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    The developer specifies fields and their position within a block, and then the class generates a document with data that use those block definitions.Block are being kept intact and prevented from splitting across pages. In addition, GenPDF lets the user output fields in the block in any order. GenPDF can even be a different order in each block output.
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