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    Zip Codes Range can be used to find all United States zip codes within a given distance range of a given zip code. It queries a zip code database and will return an array of zip codes plus the distance from the original zip code.
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    Zip Code Range can be used to retrieve a list of United States zip codes within the range a given zip code with an accuracy of about 2 to 5 miles.Zip Code Range is based primarily on Zip Codes Range originally written by Scott Mattocks. This version that uses a more precise distance calculation method.Zip Code Range searches in a ...
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    GPS Coordinates Distance takes the latitude and longitude coordinates of two points represented in decimal format and calculates the length of a straight line between them.The distance between points is measured in miles.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Distance Time can be used to perform several calculations such as speed and pace for activities such as running, swimming or cycling. It takes as parameters the distance, the distance units, and the time split in seconds, minutes and hours.Distance Time can calculate:- The split time in hours, minutes or seconds- The distance in several units- The average pace and ...
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    php Zip Locator is capable of calculate the distance between two zip codes and also find all the zip codes located at a limited distance from a given zip codes.php Zip Locator is meant to be used for instance by e-commerce sites to locate dealers or service stations near to a given region of the United States. It uses a ...
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