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    Files can be added, changed, removed or described.The listing of the managed files is stored in a file named .ht_files that is located in each of the managed directories. It contains the file names and the respective descriptions.
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    Text Search Replace can browse a given directory recursively and open files that match certain file name extensions. The files are read to search for a given regular expression text.Optionally Text Search Replace may replace all the occurrences with a new text and the files are updated. In order to keep a record of the search and replace activity, a ...
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    When the directories are parsed, the files are returned recursively.
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    When a class is loaded it scans a given lists of directories for class script files that start with the class name and have specific file name extensions. Quickload may exclude scanning given sub-directories.Quickload script file found in scanned directories is loaded.The list of class scripts that is found may be cached in an INI file to avoid the overhead ...
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    Path To XML can be used to generate XML documents from directory listings.There are two classes in Path To XML: - one to generate a XML document from an array, - a sub-class to traverse a directory recursively and build an array from the list of files.The generated XML document can be saved to a given file.
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    The Subversion SVN client is used to access local and remote repositories and perform various operations.Key Features of Subversion::Dynamix:- Create a repository- Retrieve repository information- Checkout a local repository to a given local directory- Add, update, rename and delete files or directories- Retrieve information about files in a given repository directoryRequirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    PHP server-side web browser is a simple set of scripts with anonymizing support to do folowing:- Take a URL from user input- Connects to the server according to the URI, passing through redirects (Location header) and gets the reply headers of the final URL.- If the content type of the URL is text/html, it parses the content and changes the ...
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    A path string, an optional path start prefix and a directory separator character is passed as argument.Path can append path directories or file names, return the directory and base names of the path, and change separate parts of the path.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A specified directory is parsed recursively and the file names are compared to a given one.File Search & Get Similar Files uses the Levenshtein algorithm to compare the file names and return those that are similar to the name being searched.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    GSM can traverse a given directory to extract the list of files with given file name extension to be added to the site map given the site base URL.Certain file entries may be excluded from the list. GSM can also make certain file entries to be listed with the last modification date and a specific priority.The generated site map XML ...
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    Class Grep Search can traverse a given directory recursively and search for a given text the contents of files with a given list of file name extensions.An array variable is used to store the path of the files that contain the specified text. The class returns the number of occurrences.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PHPIncluder traverses directories recursively and search for PHP scripts to include. It can either include all class scripts with the .class.php extension or include all scripts with the .php extension.Requirements:PHP 5 or higher
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    Check backup can take a file with a list of files to create backup copy to a given backup directory.Check backup can determine which files changed since the last backup session before creating a compressed tar archive of the old backup directory and copying the new files.A log can be generated and an e-mail message with the list of files ...
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    Sourceer is a easily and highly configurable single-file script to browse directories and view source code of .php, .htm, etc., files. Among other things, it can be useful for presenting source code of software projects (a much simple alternative to Trac, PHPDoc, Doxygen, SVN / CVS systems, etc.). Sourceer produces XHTML 1.0 Strict-compliant output whose page layout and CSS-styling can ...
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    This PHP class can be used to browse and manage files stored on the server. Webexplore presents a Web page based user interface that lists files stored on the server.Webexplore also provides a user interface to let the users perform several types of operations to manipulate the files and directories like: copying, renaming, deleting and searching.Installation- Unpack to a folder ...
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