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    TreeIt scans a given directory recursively to retrieve the list of files and sub-directories. It can use caching to avoid the overhead of scanning the directory again in subsequent accesses. Some files and directories may be excluded from scanning.TreeIt can display the directory structure as nested HTML nodes for each directory that is found. The directory entries may be collapsible ...
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    The list of directories and files are presented in a HTML table through PHP Fancy Directory Browsing.The directories are display as links to continue browsing their contents. The files are displayed as links to show their contents depending on the file type.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Autoloader uses PHP 5 auto-load support to load classes from a configurable directory. It traverses the directory for class script files with extensions usually associated to class files and loads the class file that match the requested class name.A log variable containing all the classes loaded in this manner, is being kept.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Written in PHP and Mysql, Flexphplink pro allows you to easily add, edit or delete links to your site. Subcategory link definition is allowed. Easy for internationalization.The front pro can automatically record the traffic. There is also an admin system to create the categories, generate search engine friendly pages and edit inappropriate links. This is also a great resource to ...
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    Written in PHP and Mysql, Flexphplink is a link management program to add, edit or delete links to your site.Includes an admin system to create the categories, and edit the links. Low price customization service available.
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    First cache_TS checks the cache file of a given cache key. If the cache file exists and it has not expired, the class outputs the contents of the cache file.If the cache file does not yet exist or it has expired, the class starts capturing the output of the script and stores it in the cache file. The cache expiry ...
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    Deleting specific files traverses a given directory recursively and deletes only files with a specified extension.
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    A PHP directory indexing script which indexes all folders, files, their size and type, and modification time like Apache Server, but it does it with style. My PHP Indexer enables you to upload files, manage files and folders from admin panel, etc.. It is easily configurable and can be installed within minutes.
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    dirLook traverses a given directory recursively to retrieve the path of all files contained in the directory.An array is used to return the list of the full paths.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    File System can get the listing of a given directory. The listing may contain only files, only directories or both. It may sort the listing by entry type, name, date, size and file name extension. The sorting may be either set to ascending or descending order.Custom list filtering can also be implemented through a callback function.Requirements: PHP 5.2.0 or higher
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    MyUpload is a class that allows you to upload files to the web server. It is easy to install, use and modify.The basic steps to upload through MyUpload are:- check if the file has been uploaded to your server tmp dir- set the directory to upload to- check if the type of file is accepted (extension of file only)- check ...
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    If the uploaded file verifies the validation rules, Classe Upload moves the file to a given directory. Classe Upload can also return the corresponding download link for an uploaded file.Key Features of Classe Upload:- Check if the file does not exceed a given size limit- Check if the file name has one of the accepted extensions- Check if there is ...
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    DigiOz Indexer accesses a given directory and retrieves the list of all files and sub-directories into a bi-dimensional array.The first dimension has the entry number of the file or directory. The second dimension has properties of the file or directory path, last modification time, and a flag of whether the entry is a file, a directory, or something else.Any of ...
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    File2XML lists the files of a given directory that have one of a list file name extensions.File2XML generates a XML document that includes information from all the listed files, including the file name, file size and the file contents encoded using base64.The XML document gets stored in a file with a specified path.
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    File Picker can display the list of files and directories available in a given server side directory, so that the user can pick one or more files from that directory or sub-directories.AJAX is being used to update and display the pages without reloading them. The user interface can be presented in several different languages.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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