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    nfFTP uses the FTP extension to access a FTP server with a specified username and perform several types of operations. Currently nfFTP can change to a given directory, create a new directory, remove a directory recursively, get a directory file list, upload and download one or more files, delete files, rename files, get file information, etc. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or ...
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    EazyGallery is a simple gallery that shows all images that are located in the script's directory and subdirectories of your choise. Eazy installation and usage. Script creates thumbnails in "thumbz" folder only at first usage. Features of EazyGallery:- Viewing JPEG, GIF and PNG file types.- Using external *.CSS stylesheet.- Using Lightbox as a viewer.
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    Upload and list files can display an HTML form with fields to upload a file. It can also process a form with an uploaded file by checking if the file if of one of the allowed file MIME types name extensions, and moving the file to a given directory if does not exist already. A destination directory with necessary permissions ...
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    Several types of file and directory manipulation operations can be performed in Aboyon File Management. Key Features of Aboyon File Management:- Check whether if a path corresponds to a file- Retrieve file information like the file base name, file name extension and file size- Copy a file to a given directory- Delete a file- Change file permissions- Rename a file- ...
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    FtpUpload can list a given local directory and returns the list in an array. File from a local list can also be uploaded to a FTP server. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Directorio can open a directory and execute several operations. Key Features of Directorio:- Retrieve the number contained entries recursively- Retrieve the listing of entries recursively- Copy entries recursively to a given directory- Create new directories- Delete entries- Retrieve information of files or directories- Remove all entries of a directory- Rename entries Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher Limitations: The code and ...
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    Explorer can open a given server side directory and retrieve the list of files and the of directories and store them separate class variables. For each file or directory, it retrieves the name, last modification date, permissions and owner. For files it also retrieves the file size. The list of directories is always sorted by name. The name, file size, ...
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    Qibla Direction Calculator PHP Class pre-calculates and later uses the Great Circle Distance and Great Circle Direction. Qibla Direction Calculator PHP Class is easy to use, try it now !
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    ubinclude can scan one or more directories for class files with given file name extensions. It checks the file contents to see if they contain the definition of classes, interfaces and sub-classes. ubinclude can include the script file of a given class from the list of scanned directories. A list of already scanned files can be cached to a file ...
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    The PHP FTP extension is used to connect to a specified server and authenticate on behalf of a given user. myFTP can execute several types of operations to manipulate files and directories. Key Features of myFTP:- Get or change the current server work directory- List the contents of the current directory- Create or delete directories- Upload, download and rename files ...
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    Free PHP Link Directory is a PHP and MySQL powered links database which allows You to run a database driven categorized links section on a web site. People can add link to the system, and all you need to do Is approve them from admin section. In admin section you can add or delete link also.
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    webadmin.php is a simple Web-based file manager that is useful for applying changes to a Web account quickly and without FTP access. webadmin.php can show, create, delete, and move files and directories, copy, edit and upload files, help to manage htaccess and htpasswd, and change permissions of files and folders. webadmin.php only consists of one file, and has multi-language support.
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    Arrays containing the matching files or directories at the specified path, are returned.
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    Supported actions of jFileDir include create, remove and empty directories, read directory contents, copy and delete files.
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    gCache can store cached content in files of a given directory. An OS-independent file locking mechanism is used in order to prevent simultaneous attempts of writing to the same cache file.First gCachechecks whether the cache file exist and has not expired. In that case gCache retrieves the cache content into a class variable. If the cache does not exist or ...
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