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    It is able to verify the size of the uploaded files. The files are moved to a given destination directory if they do not exceed a given size limit. Requirements: PHP
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    FreePHPCMS is a unique directory design system that empowers anyone to update web sites quickly and efficiently. FreePHPCMS system is an easy to integrate modules like mailing list, user contents, content statistics etc.
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    The script parses a directory's structure and keep track of files it finds and their modification dates. The file list information is stored in a given file.The class can traverse the folder again and compare the current file list with the previous scan list. Changes, additions or deleted files can be notified to a given e-mail address. Because it runs ...
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    This is a PHP class to process uploaded files. It can also verify if a file was uploaded without errors, if its size is within the accepted limit, if the file name extension is in the list of accepted extensions, and if the destination directory exists on the server.The class can copy a valid uploaded file to the destination directory.If ...
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    A limited list iterator, a session variable iterator and a smart directory iterator are included. Requirements:PHP 5 or higher
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    The FileIterator class enables you to very easily loop over each line of a file, without having to write the same code over and over again. There is of course a downside. Unfortunately in a loop over a 23000 line file, the Iterator code proved to be roughly twice as slow as the "old" way, so using it in a ...
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    PHP Tree Structure stored in MySQL database is a php script to store and manipulate tree structure in a mysql database, is a free PHP code generator.An example of a typical uses for this would be a web directory. Its important to note that the script and the table are meant only to model-generator, the relationships between nodes in a ...
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    XUpload & myDIR were combined to produce the following hybrid app which allows you to upload a file to a specified directory and then view the contents of that directory. I also extended both of these applications to allow for the option of adding file information to a MySQL database.
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    Directory Handler can be used to rename, copy or delete directories. It can traverse a given directory recursively and copy its files and sub-directories to a given destination directory. The class Directory Handler may also delete a given directory by deleting its contents first. It can also rename a directory by copying its contents to a new directory with the ...
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    ClassDirectory is a script meant for creating and accessing file system directories. Features of ClassDirectory:- Creating directories- Delete directories- Get absolute path- Output the directory listing tree
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    Remove Directory is a specified directory is traversed recursively and all files or sub-directories found within are deleted. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The script Display code can be configured to parse a directory and display all source code files with names that have one of a given list of file name extensions. The PHP code files are highlighted according to the PHP syntax. The script may also generate a table of contents to display links to the page section that list the ...
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    CNCat Free Edition is intended for creating web-resources and articles directory. Now you can manage your web directories more easily and more efficiently! Functions of CNCat Free Edition:- Create and manage a directory of links and articles;- Use categories with unlimited nesting, cross-categories and filters;- Automatically check links efficiency and backward links availability (CRON also);- Let users comment and rate ...
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    KoolTreeView is an Excellent Treeview control for PHP, combining Highly-Efficient rendering and AJAX Loading On-Demand support for Superior Performance. Some of Highlighted Geatures of KoolTreeView - Great PHP TreeView with Ajax Capability: - Rendering Thousand tree nodes in a second. - Very simple PHP interface. - Rich Client-side API. - Search-Engine Friendly. - Drag and Drop Behavior. - Edit Node ...
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    dScript - PHP File Download Counter is tree like listing of all files and folders within the directory.No hassles with changing folders. Just expand the folder, and click on file. No database required. All stats are stored in log file. Icons displayed for most file types. XHTML and CSS valid code. The script was tested with Firefox 2,3 Opera, Chrome, ...
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