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    Image Rotator classes can pick a random file from a directory. Despite it can be used for displaying rotating banner images, it can be used to randomly pick an other type of file.The class can traverse a given directory to retrieve all files of a given list of file name extensions. Then it can pick one file randomly to be ...
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    Create Sitemap can be used to generate XML file with the map of the files from a directory.Create Sitemap traverses a given directory recursively and generate nested XML document that lists the names of all files and sub-directories contained in the input directory.
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    Class for reading a directory structure. Supports include and exclude filters, recursion, files only, directories only. Very simple to use.
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    Class Path Locator is meant to resolve path of a [PHP class library] file to be included like in Java. You can specify the directory paths of several [class] libraries that are available and accessible on the system.Class Path Locator can check whether a file with given name exists in any of the specified directory paths. If the file path ...
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    File Display is meant to output listings of files and sub-directories of a given directory using HTML tables. It can be configured to display or not display several types of information such as: file size, file/folder permissions, last modified date, etc..File Display may restrict the listing of files based on the file name extension. Currently, the default is to allow ...
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    File Searcher is meant to execute searches for files inside a given directory. It can traverse directories recursively as an option.File Searcher can search for files given a list of space delimited patterns that define extensions contained in the last 3 characters of the names of the files that are meant to be found. For instance, the pattern "txt htm" ...
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    Another directory list class, Yet another directory list class.
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    Navigator is meant to browse a given server file system directory.Navigator can also perform several types of manipulations of the directory files:- Change permissions- Retrieve the total size of all the directory files- Create new files or sub-directories- Remove files or directories
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    Class Packager can generate archives that pack the information of given directories and files into one file as installer. The generated output is PHP script that contains class that can extract the packed directories and files.
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    Rename is a simple class that can be used to rename all files in a directory.It can traverse a given directory and rename all files to have the same prefix followed by a number and the original file name extension.
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    The purpose of BinPacker is to copy or move the files to a set of directories, so that the total size of all files in each directory does not exceed a given size limit.It can can be quite handy in situations where you need to transfer an huge amount of files, which would be a tedious job to perform manually.This ...
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    bib_uploadfile can be used to process files uploaded via Web forms.The class can move the uploaded files to another directory, eventually with a new file name. If the other directory does not exist, the class may create it.If the uploaded files are actually image files, the class may also resize them to a given new image size.
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    Site Search is a class that can search for HTML documents and image files available within server side directories. It does not need a database, so it is very easy to implement it.Site Search classes will search in the content of each file within a given directory. You can restrict the search to files with given file name extensions. You ...
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    Thumbnails Creation is meant to generate thumbnails from image files located in a specified directory. The package comes with a class that can traverse directories and list the files in them to determine which are images based on the file name extension.A sub-class is capable of taking a list of image files and generate thumbnail images that are stored with ...
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    Grep Simulator can be used to search for text within files like the Unix grep utility.The class can traverse a directory recursively and read files with given file name extensions to find the text to be searched.Grep Simulator may also return the number of times that the search text string was found in a file.
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