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    Directory Match can be used to synchronize files between two directories.It lists all files in a source directory and sees if they are present in a target directory. The missing files are copied to the destination directory.Directory Match also logs the listing of the missing files to a file named imageText.txt .
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    Find can be used to search files in server side directories. The example uses AJAX to update the file listing without reloading the current page.Find lists all directories that are presented in the form select input. The user may type the name of a file to search in a form text input. When he hits a form search button, the ...
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    The Picturebox allows a user to quickly administer pictures starting at a directory (e.g. "http://yourdomain.com/pi ctures/"), and able to work in all of the directories within it (e.g. "http://yourdomain.com/pi ctures/funnypictures/real lyfunnypictures/"). Furthermore, the Picturebox is extremely lightweight. It is perfect for the website owner who quickly wants to upload some pictures to a directory and work with them. It also ...
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    QTOFileManager is a Web based file manager written in PHP. Features of QTOFileManager: - Easy installation - Just drop the file in the base directory, - Just one script file, - Upload and delete files, - Authenticate the user (optional), - Edit a file (optional), - Specify which file extensions can be edited,- Add and remove directories (optional), - Specify ...
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    Upload and delete files from the directory the program is in and any sub directories. It can optionally authenticate the user. XQTO File Manager allows you to edit a file. Specify which file extensions can be edited. Add and remove directories.
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    LDAP AD Class can be used to access an LDAP server and server for data in the directory. It can establish a connection to an LDAP server and authenticate with a given user and password.LDAP AD Class can also perform searches the directory with given parameters and return the results in arrays. It uses the PHP LDAP extension.
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    Picture of the Day can be used to show a different pictures every day.Picture of the Day can show one or more pictures per page. Each picture file picked randomly from one or more directories.The listed images can be cached.
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    The Sandbox is the web developer's playground. It is a single directory filemanger that is designed to be extremely lightweight, allowing a developer to quickly write PHP files without having to go through the trouble of using complex filemanagers with oversimplified editors like CPanel's filemanager.Many of the filemanagers that exist today are complex and bloated for the purpose of quickly ...
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    This free directory script includes options such as an automated link checker, mod rewrites and many more. Unlike most directory scripts this one does not use SQL.
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    The DigiOz Directory Indexer is a simple script that looks into a subfolder inside the directory it resides in and lists all the files in that folder, displaying them in a linked format on the screen, along with the date modified and size of the file. This script comes particularly handy when you have a huge list of files you ...
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    The F-ystem Support Module allows you to read or write to a file. It will also copy files if needed. When you read, write or copy a file you must use an existing directory. You will also have to manually chmod your files in order to write to them. Although append mode works if the folder is executable. F-ystem methods ...
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    UW Link Dir is a simple yet powerfull search engine friendly link directory software, which allow you to build a link directory for your website in few minutes. In addition with few simple steps you can integrate your web site design into the script so that it can have the look and feel of your web site. Main Features of ...
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    MkDir is a simple class for creating directories in the local file system or in a remote server file system using a FTP connection.
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    Yet Another Template is simple and very useful template class. It has support for tree-likes nested dinamic blocks and multiple directories for html templates.
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    Create File By Parsing Dir can scan a given directory recursively and create a CSV file with the list of files with found in the directory that have file extensions of a given list.The CSV file uses a comma (,) as separator by default but it may use a different separator character.
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