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    A base class and 2 derivated classes to generate clients for dictionary servers that follow the DICT protocol (RFC 2229), such as the server at dict.org.Included also 2 examples of query interfaces generated using these classes, one performs a simple search, and the other shows how to get information from the dictionary server and use that to generate a form ...
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    Pure PHP Spell Check perform spell checking of text using only base PHP functions, thus without using specific spell check PHP extensions such as aspell or pspell.The class uses a dictionary that is implemented as an array-based binary search table. The binary search table declaration is saved to a file for speed and can be updated easily by the developer.
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    MySQL Spell Checker can be used to check the spelling of text. It uses a MySQL database table to store the dictionary of valid words.MySQL Spell Checker can process a text and return all words that seem to be wrong. It may also highlight the wrong words using HTML tags to change the presentation style of the words to be ...
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