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    This offers protection against automated attempts to guess login passwords also known as dictionary attacks.It works by logging failed access attempts and when necessary it blocks the access to users that have failed to login too many times, as it may be an attack of a cracker using a dictionary of common passwords trying guess the correct password with an ...
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    A script to create a glossary online. Display all entries or by lettres (alphabetical linked list). Search form on words and their definition. Visitors can suggest entries. With administration and validating files. Looks can be changed in the configuration file (css). (SharedGlossary is now a feauture of PhpGlossary).
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    Spell Checker is meant to check the spelling of texts using only base PHP commands, thus not using any special purpose extension. It uses a dictionary text file named as its spelling knowledge base. For greater performance the class uses the dictionary words (currently almost 40,000) to build a dynamic hashed lookup table. Spell Checker classes can also provide suggestions ...
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    PHP Mud Names can retrieve text data from one of several dictionary files.The dictionary data is used to generate random names based on selected capabilities and used particles. http://github.com/xrogaan/phpmudnamesRequirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    Spell Corrector is based on a purely PHP implementation of Peter Norvig's correct spelling suggestion algorithm. It takes a given word and returns a suggestion of the probable correct spelling of the word.Spell Corrector can build a dictionary with correctly spelled words from a training text document. The dictionary can be stored in a cache file by serializing the dictionary ...
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    Words similar to a given one can be searched with a specified length limit imposed on them.Key Features of lib_dictionary:- Check whether a word exists in the dictionary- Check the spelling of a given phrase using HTML tags to highlight with a different color the words that may be misspelled- Add words from a fileRequirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    A connection to a DICT server can be established and several types of queries can be executed.DICT Client can retrieve the list of available databases, the list of available strategies, information about a given database, the status and information about the server, a list of matching entries for a given word in a database using a given strategy, definitions of ...
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    PHP Collection can manipulate collection objects, also known as dictionary objects, like in Java, that store entry values indexed by name keys.Functions of PHP Collection:- Add entries by name key- Remove entries by name key or by position- Retrieve entry values by name key or by position- Determine whether there is already an entry with a given key- Iterate over ...
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    The XHTML or WML provides a small form to let the user enter text to be translated between two languages.Google WAP Dictionary accesses the Google translate service pages and emulates the submission of the text translation form.Google WAP Dictionary parses the results and reformats them to display small mobile device screens.Requirements:PHP 4.1 and higher
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    Define Word can be used to retrieve the definition of words from a remote dictionary server. It uses the cURL library to make a word lookup request using the DICT protocol defined in RFC 2229.The word definitions retrieved from the server are returned in an array. The number of definitions that is returned may be restricted to a given limit.
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    Dict Translator can be used to translate words between Polish and English and vice-versa. It connects to the dict.pl site to perform the translation of given words and retrieve the translation results.Dict Translator returns an associative array that relates the original words and the respective translations.
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    Password can be used to generate passwords based on rules. It can generate one or more passwords with a given length.By default the passwords contain 75% letters and 25% digits. The case of the letters may be lower, upper or mixed. The generated passwords may be excluded so they do not match words listed in a dictionary file.
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    Dictionary class implements the IDictionary interface to access associative arrays. It is based on the Dictionary Object of the Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library. It is a PHP Dictionary object equivalent to the Perl associative array.The dictionary items can be any type. These items are stored in the dictionary array. Each item is associated to an unique key. The key is ...
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    Library to work with Open Catalog Format XML Dictionary. Parsing OCF to work with tree-like menus.
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    Miester Search class indexes multiple tables, builds dictionaries, creates btree indexes, and creates sql queries based on user input.
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