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  1. GTK Dialogs
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    This PHP script can open GUI dialog windows with PHP-GTK to display alert messages, confirmation or prompt requests. It returns the string value entered by the user in prompt dialog or the boolean value that determines whether the user has confirmed the confirm dialog question. The dialog messages can be defined using HTML tags.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    To the non-IE users confirm will generate a normal PHP confirm() dialog. When the normal javascript confirm() dialog is used there is one danger: the default button is "YES" and thumbfingered users may confirm unwanted. A better approach is to generate a vbscript (for them IE users) dialog and call this dialog using javascript.So the programmer can change anything in ...
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    DialogBox can be used to browse and manage files stored on the server side. It can list the files of a given directory displaying icons next to the file names based on their types deriving from the file name extension.The files are displayed with links to open separate windows to download the files with same name or with a different ...
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    Print Anything generates HTML with special Javascript code and CSS style sheet that includes the whole page in a non-printable section and adds a new page section with given HTML that you want to print, but it is not displayed in the browser.Print Anything can also generate links of form buttons that when clicked trigger the execution of the generated ...
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    FSM Chat can be used to implement an automated dialog robot using finite state machines.FSM Chat can be configured to define input text strings under each state, response strings and the new states to assume when the specified input texts appear.FSM Chat can act as an automated chat robot that can be hooked to a remote console viatelnet or other ...
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    MySQL Dialog is a simple MySQL database access wrapper to execute SQL queries and display results in HTML tables.The class connects to a MySQL Server, sends SQL statements and gets the results as an array. A table with the data from the result sets can be displayed too.MySQL Dialog may optionally returns error messages on failure based on the mysql_error() ...
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    Dialog for PHP is a collection of wrapper classes written in PHP around the dialog command. There is currently some support for whiptail and xdialog as well.
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