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    HTML Friends is a PHP wrapper to use DHTML widget scripts from the site dhtmlgoodies.com.Currently HTML Friends can wrap the DHTML widgets:- Floating window- Color picker- Calendar- Table- Order list- Tool tip- Roll menu- Tab
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    PHProgress Bar is meant to display the progress of a server side task by the means of bar that is displayed and updated in an HTML page. It is a fork based on ProgressBar class written originally by Mika Turin.Features of PHProgress Bar:- Rewritten the JavaScript and DHTML code to generate valid XHTML 1.0 strict code- Added the setDirection() function ...
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    PHP code that generates a DHTML Drop Down Menu. Now it can be aligned in any position !
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    DX0 is true, cross-browser DHTML delivered by PHP. The acronym DX0 originates from this concept: [D]ynamic HTML [X]ross-Browser with Zer[0] Unused Code. DX0 is not just an DHTML library for PHP, but it sniffs the browser on the server-side and delivers specific code for the user's browser and version. Thus, Netscape users won't have to download code with Internet Explorer ...
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