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    rConfig is a free open source network device configuration management utility for network engineers to take frequent configuration snapshots of their network devices. rConfig is unique, because you choose what commands you want to run against your devices. Simply configure rConfig with the list of commands you wish to apply to a category of devices, and add devices to the ...
  2. Mobile_Detect
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    Mobile_Detect is a PHP script for server-side mobile device detection. It works as any other detection script by sniffing the visitor's UA (user-agent) string for various details. Because it's written in PHP and it additionally uses HTTP header sniffing techniques as well for better results. Mobile_Detect performs some simple checks and provides a set of results which can then be ...
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    Mobile CSS is a WordPress plugin to load different CSS stylesheets based on the user's device. It adds a filter that sniffs out mobile users and loads CSS styles previously defined by an admin. The plugin can be pretty generic or can target specific devices. Features of Mobile CSS:Specific styles for mobile phones:- iPhone/iPod Touch- HTC- Motorola- BlackBerry- Nexus- Dell- ...
  4. Categorizr
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    Categorizr is a PHP script for detecting the user's device type. Include it with a web project and it will always sniff out the device type used by users accessing the site. It is based on the detection result, more actions can be taken to provide the user with the best experience available. Features of Categorizr:Detected devices:- Desktop- TV- Tablet- ...
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    Flamework-useragent is a PHP library for parsing UA (user agent) strings. UA strings tell a webmaster what devices a visitor used to access his site. The library can be used to get browser type, browser version, browser engine, engine version, OS and OS version. It can be used with the Flamework PHP framework as well.
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    Port details are retrieved via SNMP commands. CDP is used to determine if those ports are connected to another device and what is the name and port on the remote device.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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