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  1. Mobile_Detect
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    Mobile_Detect is a PHP script for server-side mobile device detection. It works as any other detection script by sniffing the visitor's UA (user-agent) string for various details. Because it's written in PHP and it additionally uses HTTP header sniffing techniques as well for better results. Mobile_Detect performs some simple checks and provides a set of results which can then be ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    WP-UserAgent is an user agent detection plugin for the WordPress platform. When installed, it appends icons to the comment fields, showing the user's browser type and OS platform. Requirements:- WordPress 2 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Added detection for Barca, SubStream, SlimBoat, zBrowser, Ryouko browsers.- Fixed Chrome detection on Android.- Refactored code for easier maintenance. Installation:- Unpack and ...
  3. Open Calais Tags
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    Open Calais Tags is a PHP script for retrieving data from the OpenCalais API. The OpenCalais Web service allows advanced text analysis and detection of discussion topics within a text. This script allows developers to connect to OpenCalais' API and fetch various details about a text or analyzed document. Use cases include automatic tag generation or keywords extraction tools. Requirements:- ...
  4. Categorizr
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    Categorizr is a PHP script for detecting the user's device type. Include it with a web project and it will always sniff out the device type used by users accessing the site. It is based on the detection result, more actions can be taken to provide the user with the best experience available. Features of Categorizr:Detected devices:- Desktop- TV- Tablet- ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    SSIM-lite is the free version of SSIM which is a File Integrity Monitor or site Intrusion Detection System. Its purpose is to scan the files and directories of your website looking for changes. If SSIM-lite finds anything that has been modified, added or deleted it will produce a report telling you exactly what has happened. SSIM-lite is useful for detecting ...
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