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    Scripts are provided to parse Palm Desktop calendar, memo and address book files, and to convert them into an XML format or into iCalendar and vCard formats.
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    Nimbuzz Avatar Grabber is a PHP script for grabbing a Nimbuzz user's avatar image. Nimbuzz is a desktop and mobile communications network for making calls and chatting online. Just type in the desired username and it will automatically retrieve his profile image. Just download, unzip, move to a web server and access. Works out of the box.
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    Gerenciamento do windows por COM uses COM objects to perform several operations on Windows system users like changing the user password, adding or removing an user, and adding an user group.Operations such as adding, removing a folder or giving a user full access permissions to it, can also be performed.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    DCOP calls for PHP can be used to execute actions in KDE applications running in a local desktop machine.It establishes a DCOP protocol connection to retrieve the list of currently running KDE based applications, as well the list of actions supported by a given application. Then it can validate arguments and execute any of the supported application actions.You can for ...
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