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    Signal and slot design patterns have been used in this PHP script to trigger and process events. SigSlots uses several classes to manage and process events. Applications can register object that trigger evenr occurrences by emitting signals of a given types. The objects interested in handling events of may register slots.Once an event is triggered, the manager class may process ...
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    My Active Record is a simple, speedy Object Relational Mapper(ORM) for MySQL, which is based on Active Record design patterns developed by Martin Fowler. It is used to store and retrieve objects in MySQL tables with minimal configuration. Application can use sub-classes of this script to create application domain objects, which support relationships, data validation, compound properties, clean ups and ...
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    PHP Controller is created to implement a generic controller of building applications based on Model-View-Controller - MVC design patterns. This PHP script plays the role as a single entry point that forwards the handing of the requests to view and model classes with the aim to aviod the need of haing to write code to describe how the data will ...
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    This PHP script acts as a framework to implement the inversion of control design patterns in PHP. PHP IOC parses a configuration file in the XML format that defines how dependent classes of a plug-in component infrastructure depent on each other. This framework script can be used to create objects of the component classes and any dependency classes to set ...
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    This PHP Script is the implementation of the MVC design patterns based on Java Struts written in PHP 5. FF-MVC provides base actions and mappings classes as well as a request processor class and a front controller script. Limitations:The code and comments are written in Portuguese.
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    This PHP script provides a simplified database access interface by extending PEAR::DB class. DB factory extension can be used to establish connections returning a boolean success value instead of PEAR error object.The script executes queries automatically connecting to a database before executing and disconnecting after the query is executed. If the query returns result values it may also retrieve the ...
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    NIKAcore is a simply but powerful PHP website library based on object-oriented best practices. It aims to create a rapid development framework that can be dropped in to a new or existing PHP website quickly without much configuration hassle and also provide tested, well-factored OO classes that generalize common web programming tasks.
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