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    MySQL tables description generator can query the definition of a given MySQL database table and generate a PHP class with functions that return details about the table.Functions to return the name of the table and its field, are generated.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Meta tags fetcher is meant to retrieve a Web page of a given URL and retrieve the values of its HTML meta tags. It parses the retrived pages and extracts its title and the meta tag values for the keywords and description, if present.Meta tags fetcher provides a class that implements an abstract interface for accessing Web pages and several ...
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    fClassHTML can be used to display composite Web page elements.fClassHTML provides several classes that can compose and display predefined types of page elements like: product presentation with a link , description and image, and menu bars of links.
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    Script to handle your mysql database online. no installation required, just plug and play :-) Features of PHP MySQL Smart: - help - database/Table/Filed browsing - field description - table description - database description - all kind of queries - select * works also - error messages - number of affected rows - multible statements - database/table backup (via dump ...
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    CodeKit is an interface to a universal database code table. It takes all of the programming work out of maintaining multiple database code definition sets.The code administration page lets you define new virtual code tables and enter all codes and their descriptions. Perl and PHP classes retrieve the code descriptions and automatically generate HTML code selection elements.
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    Textbased Moviedatabase is a text-based movie database script that allows you to add and display movie entries on your site. It is uses a single textfile for storing data. Written in German.
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