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    This script implements a template processing engine that uses string searching to locate template place holder tags.It can read templates from strings or files and search for template place holder tags. The place holder tags delimiters are configurable.The template tags can be used to implement conditional template section processing and section iteration loops.The processed templates can be returned as a ...
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    Template_bv is a minimalist templating engine that is extremely fast, does not use regular expressions and can easily be extended.The main idea is based on "splitting" a predefined template at given delimiter marks.The class splits the template string using the PHP explode function and a configurable token string to find where template variable placeholders are located. By using this method ...
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    Parameters such as the character sequence to end lines and the path delimiter, can be determined.
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    Def Setting Files is meant to format definition files in the def format. This format is used by other classes of mine also published here to define generate graphs and charts.Def Setting Files supports multi-dimensional arrays using [ and ] characters as delimiters and ; as separator. It also supports strings that do not need any start or end delimiter ...
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    PHP MicroTemplate provides an extremely fast, lightweight templating system for HTML and other text-based documents. Like FastTemplate and its many clones, MTPL supports nested blocks and looping. However, the entire implementation is done without a single regular expression.The PHP interpreter is leveraged for its built-in variable interpolation, and explode() is used to separate block markers from content using a simple ...
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