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    The GNU Privacy Guard (GNUPG) is used for the encryption.
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    Crypt Class provides an easy way to encrypt and decrypt data, it automatically creates the IV and extracts it for later use.Crypt Class stores the IV with the encrypted string so every time a string is encrypted it will look different but decrypt to the original value. Twofish, blowfish, AES and other encryption ciphers are available.Crypt Class also makes it ...
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    OTP_TS has a single function that takes a password and a string of the data to encrypt. A cipher for encrypting the data using a XOR operation is generated from the password.The same function to encrypt can be used to decrypt the encrypted data using the same password.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Encryptor can be used to encrypt and decrypt text. It computes the encryption key sum by adding the byte codes of the key string.The iterates over the text characters to be encrypted and adds the key sum to the code of each character. The decryption process consists in doing the opposite, i.e. subtracting the key sum value to encrypted data ...
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    Cipher can be used to encrypt and decrypt data using the same encryption key. It uses the mcrypt library to encrypt and decrypt the data.The encryption key, algorithm, mode and source are configurable.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    Crypt classes can be used to encrypt and decrypt data without any special PHP extensions.It traverses the data to be encrypted and applies the XOR operation against the values of the characters of the encryption key. The decryption employs the same operation.The encrypted data may be encoded with base64 algorithm or converted to a string of hexadecimal characters.
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    Obj Codec can be used to encrypt and decrypt text. It uses a password to encrypt the text. The same password must be given to decrypt the text.
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    Encrypt and Decrypt any string can be used to encode and decode text strings using basic PHP functions.It generates a random encoding key that is used to scramble the input text. The resulting scrambled text is mixed with the encoding key.The decoding process recovers the encoding key from the input text and applies the inverse of the encoding process.
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    ASCII Crypt can be used to encrypt and decrypt text messages using pure PHP code. It does not require any encryption libraries. It just uses MD5 for hashing.The text can be encrypted with a password that needs to be used to decrypt the resulting encrypted text.
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    TxtCrypt can encrypt a file and insert the encrypted data into a regular text file in such way that it does not change the way the text file appears. The encrypt algorithm is simple but it can be replaced by another more robust algorithm.To hide the encrypted data within a text file without changing how it appears, the data is ...
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    OpenSSLCrypt is a simple class that utilizes a public key and private key to encrypt and decrypt strings. It requires with OpenSSL support (configure --with-openssl).
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    LSM Crypt Session can encrypt and decrypt the values stored on session variables.LSM Crypt Session uses a simple encryption algorithm to encrypt the values assigned to variables, so even if some body accesses the files or other container that stores session values, it will only be possible to restore the original values using the secret encryption key.
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    Cryptography can encrypt and decrypt data using the XOR (exclusive OR) binary operation.An encryption password text is combined with the data being encrypted and a random input vector using the XOR binary operation. The encrypted result is return encoded with the base64 algorithm.Cryptography can also decrypt data using the same encryption password by applying the reverse algorithm.
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    Encryption classes encrypt and decrypts text strings using pure PHP, thus without any special encryption extensions. It uses a simple algorithm that is strong enough for normal usage.
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    EncDec is meant to encrypt or decrypt strings of data.It uses a secret hash string to apply the xor operation to the bytes of the data that is processed. The resulting encrypted data is encoded as hexadecimal digits.
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