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  1. URL Normalizer
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    This is a PHP script to normalize URLs according to RFC 3986.It can take a given URL and may fix it to perform syntax based normalization.Furthermore, URL Normalizer may lower the case hexadecimal codes of encoded characters, decode characters which are not reserved, removed unnecessary relative path segments, and lower case of the URL scheme and host name.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 ...
  2. BEncoder
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    This PHP script is mainly used to encode and decode torrent files in Bencode format. It extracts metadata from a file in Bencode format and return an associative array. This script can also do the opposite, i.e. take an associative array and encode it in the Bencode format. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This PHP script is mainly used to extract text from PDF files. It's used to parse PDF files and decode any document elements that contain document text that can be extracted.Requirements:- PHP 5.1 or higher
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    Mime Decode will enable you to decode mime email. It can for example decode the mime torture test made available by UW. It will parse a raw mime email and returnthe structure. Returned structure is similar to that returned by imap_fetchstructure().Usage:- Assuming$input is your raw email)$decode = new Mail_mimeDecode($input, "");$structure = $decode->decode();print_r($structure);- Or statically:$params['input'] = $input;$structure = Mail_mimeDecode::decode($params);print_r($structure);
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    This script can be used to encoding and decoding data in ASCII85 encoding. It can take a string of data and encode it in the ASCII85 encoding format. The script can also do the opposite, i.e. decode data encoded in the ASCII85 encoding format. It supports basic ASCII implementation, as well the Adobe and BTOA variations.
  6. PHP Vulnerability Scanner
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    This class can be used to scan script files to find eventually malicious code.It can traverse a given directory recursively and checks script files to see if they may contain code that may be eventually malicious.Currently it finds script files that are using functions often used in infected scripts, such as base64_encode and base64_decode.
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    AROHA PHPencoder is utility coded in language PHP. PHP encoder encode and decode PHP scripts.
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    MMS Decoder is class meant to receive, decode, and optionally display MMS messages (Multimedia Messaging Service) on a Web page. This class makes it possible for users to create their own MMS services such as MMS picture blogs. This is done by a script that is acting as an MMSC (MMS Server/MMS Center/Messaging Center), which is a server to which ...
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    PHPCoder is a Web-based frontend to the Turck MMCache encoding functions, which are similar to the Zend Encoder product. PHPCoder enables you to encode your PHP scripts and applications into non-reversible byte-code, thus preventing users of your programs from viewing or alterting the source code while having full functionality.Another excellent use for PHPCoder is to encode your applications PHP configuration ...
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    uuencode/uudecode class is to uuencode and uudecode data. Uses strlen(), so it is not binary-safe.So, we recommend uuencode/uudecode to you to make sure the security of your system.
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    Simply, PHP_Unserialize is a Javascript library for decoding the output of the PHP serialize() function. PHP_Unserialize supports the following datatypes:- Strings- Integers- Doubles- Booleans- NULL- Arrays- ObjectsSince PHP5 supports protected and private class members and Javascript doesn't, these are converted into regular public members on the resulting Javascript object. Also, since the output of the PHP serialize() function can contain ...
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    PHP Object Notation is a PHP variable value encoded in base64 can be serialized. The script can also do the opposite, i.e. retrieve the original variable value from a string of previously serialized variable, Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Unicode to Arabic takes a string with groups of characters represented as 4 hexadecimal digits to the corresponding HTML character entities. The Unicode to Arabic may also check if the hexadecimal codes are within the range of text characters used in Arabic.HTML character entities may also be decoded and converted to UTF-8.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Binary XML can take a list of files and generate a XML document that includes the data of files using base64 encoding.Previously generated XML documents can also be parsed and files contained in the document can be recreated.Requirements: PHP 5.1.2 or higher
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    Mailto takes an e-mail address and an anchor text and generates HTML tags for obfuscated e-mail links using ROT13 or an 8 bit, random key, ASCII Caesar Cipher. Encoded e-mail link tags are decoded by JavaScript code provided with the generated HTML. Requirements: PHP 4.2.0 or higher
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