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    base_mysql uses only methods avoiding a direct access to the internal variables (means no public variables).Features of base_mysql:- Debug messages (can be activate or not);- Error handling (can be activate or not);- Basic MySQL functions.The main idea of base_mysql is to use only methods avoiding a direct access to the internal variables (means no public variables).
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    ezSQL is a widget that makes it very fast and easy for you to use database(s) within your PHP scripts.This widget is a php file that you include at the top of your script. Then, instead of using std php database functions listed in the php manual, you use a much smaller (and easier) set of ezSQL functions.ezSQL can dramatically ...
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    Error Handler classes is meant to assist in debugging of PHP scripts by handling execution errors outputing formatted error context information.Error Handler classes includes utitilty functions to show the source code where the errors appear.
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    PHP_Dyn is PHP Extension to help debugging a PHP script. You can get execution trace of scripts not to need change them. HTTP request parameter can be printed. Argument value of the function call and return value can be printed.
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    This script lets you handle your 404 and 500 errors a bit more effectively. When a page is not found or a script crashes, the visitor is shown a page that you've customized to match the look of your web site.Since you can customize the page, you can add a link to your search engine, your site map, et cetera. ...
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    Atrise PHP Script Debugger(PSD) is an online PHP debug script for your PHP projects. It can help you to show PHP variables, debug string output, script execution time, the page source and other information that helps you in your PHP development.PSD is very easy to integrate with your scripts. It is located on a single PHP file. Just include it ...
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