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    MPdbMySQL class allows you to connect and query MySQL databases with optional verbose debug mode.
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    Interbase allows to manipulate database of the Interbase with debug mode. Include examples for select, insert, update and delete.
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    Displays content of variables in human-readable format. just call debug_var($VAR) and an window opens with the struktur and content.
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    Provide an easy way to seed a script with debug statements, with screen or file output, and halt or continue operation.
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    Check and validate class contains several funtions to validate text values like email addresses and integers with minimum and maximum range checking.It also has debugging and benchmark functions to check your scripts and to show how long they take to execute.
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    Allows you to put debug messages in your code and mark them with a specific debug level. Later, when you want to output your debug messages, you can squelch out the messages with levels you don't want to see.debugger is more different than other debug classes because it is not stepping through your code like a real debugger. It is ...
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    View Var is a very simple class meant to show the definition of variables formatting the output with HTML tables.View Var is useful for debugging, especially with (multidimensional) arrays and objects that the class traverses using recursion to in case of arrays of objects that contain other arrays or objects.
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    Dump your variables to current or a popup window for debugging. It can handle any kind of variable including Objects. You can keep your dumps in the SESSION variable for some time.
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    xError is a generic error reporting and handling class. It may be used for debugging and/or monitoring purposes. The basic concept is to define as many errors as needed for the application. These errors may be declared as 'fatal' or 'non-fatal' errors.Whenever an error is encountered during the execution of the program, xError checks whether it is classified as 'fatal' ...
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    PHP Script Parser is meant to parse a PHP script to determine how each variable is used and detect eventual bugs.Note that this class just points probable misusage of the variables. You still have to check the code to confirm whether it is really a bug or a false bug report.PHP Script Parser is capable of telling:- Name of the ...
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    SmartyX is a class derived from Smarty. This class can be used to name and reference the templates using a dotted notation like on ModeliXe.SmartyX inheriting all the functionalities of Smarty.The console of debug of Smarty was changed to take into account the dotted notation and the cache identifiers of the templates.
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    SkyApp Debug is meant to output debug information in a convenient way using the PHP var_dump function to display the data of variables.The debug information is outputted in layers defined with HTML DIV tag. The user can toggle the visibility of these layers by clicking on links that are also outputted to show or hide any of the debug information ...
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    db_view provides an abstraction class and helpers for multi-tabled Mysql data.db_view class provides:- An abstraction class and helpers for multi-tabled Mysql data. (init, select, select_row, count, insert, update, delete)- Atomic multi-table updates, inserts, deletes eg: update items, month set items.price=month.price where items.id=month.id; Also primitive non-atomic (=insecure) rollbacks.- Functions, Triggers and Defaults per action (select, update, insert, delete; before or after)- ...
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    Configuration is meant to read and write configuration files similar to INI files. The configuration files may have multiple sections with the possibility to define multiple levels of access that determine whether a given section is considered or nor.The section levels are identified by names like for instance: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, FATAL. The class provides means to add, remove, ...
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    PHP has already has a number of frameworks which provide unit testing functionality, however system testing is often forgotten. This package provides a framework for testing a Web site.Site Check can attempt to connect to a Web site server an retrieve given list of site pages to verify whether those are returned as expected.Site Check can also scan the verified ...
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