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    Debug_Logging can output several types of event activity and show the current date and time, the user session, the calling function and line, as well a custom message. Debug_Logging is an Open Source PHP debug script.The debug output can be displayed in the current page, or outputted to a file. A new log file can be started when the previous ...
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    DebugLive is a powerful PHP debug script, wchich can output script debugging information such as backtrace of the current point of the script that is executed including class names, function names and parameter values.The debug output can be conditionally displayed depending on whether the current user access fingerprint is authorized. The fingerprint is a string computed from the user computer ...
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    Debug_class can take a list of variable values as arguments and outputs their values to the current page output. The outputted values is followed by a backtrace of where the debug function was called, the current script memory usage and the current time. Debug_class can output the variable values and exit immediately. It can also redirect debug output to the ...
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    dBug is a tool that debugs/dumps/shows contents of a variable in a structured colored tabular format. It is similar to Coldfusion's cfdump tag. This tool makes it very easy for developers to debug code by viewing the contents of a variable.
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    kisDB, a list of database tables can be retrieved. Key Features of kisDB:- Establish MySQL database server connections- Execute SQL queries from lists of parameters- Display debug output of the executed queries Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Hgsarraydump can be helpful for scenarios when a full-scale debug environment is not available.
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    Debug information can either be displayed or saved to a file if a path is specified.
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    phpHtmlLib is a set of classes and library functions to help build, debug, and render XML, HTML, XHTML, WAP/WML Documents, SVG images, as well as complex html widgets.
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    Loading template from files, replacing variables, executing custom PHP code and debugging functions are supported.Requirements: PHP 4.0.0 or higher
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    The contents of variables can be dumped into a table by the homesitedebug class. There are also two scripts for the editor Homesite named debug1.js and debug2.js. These scripts are integrated in the editor shortcuts.The script named debug1.js specifies that the debug output should go to the file debug.html. The script debug2.js closes that output file.Limitations: The code and the ...
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    RHC is actually a few files which give the user the ability to do custom error handling, debugging, and handle database abstraction (currently works through INFORMIX and ODBC).
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    Multiple console windows can be opened. A specialized class to be used in tracing and debuging php code is provided as well.
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    The output can be presented as text, HTML, a JavaScript pop-up or a logfile.
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    CLog Class class can be used to log errors to the current page, to a file or send by e-mail. It can process errors with different levels: debug, notice, warning, fatal and non-fatal error.An error handler function is also provided to override the default PHP error handler.
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    ezhtml features debugging Helper, meta tag helper, fast html page building, changing query_strings, "folders" fold parts of the page away, div helper.
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