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    dbf2mysql, the dbase extension functions are used to open and retrieve data from DBF files. The script generates a string with SQL statements to create tables in a MySQL database and insert rows with the data from the DBF files.The generated SQL statements maybe displayed in a HTML page, served for download, or stored in a file.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or ...
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    dbf2sql converts a DBF file into SQL instructions.
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    DBF Class is meant to extract information from a database file in the DBF format. It can be used for migrating the DBF file to any format you want.The class is capable of processing the DBF files using only basic PHP functions. So it does not need any PHP extensions to handle the DBF database files.DBF Class reads the names ...
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    dbfConverter is a PHP script that reads data from dbase files (dbf,dbt,fpt) and convert them into the mysql or postgres tables. Initially, it create sql tables & insert data, and then updates old data. It does not support index files converting jet. Configurable Feautures of dbf Converter: - join 2 or more dbf files in one mysql table, - add ...
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