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    conv.class can convert a string or a number format into a currency format. It also can convert an MySQL date format into German date format and vice-versa.
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    Class to perform arithmetic operations with dates like add or subtracting days, months or years.
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    CDate is meant to perform manipulation of dates like for instance adding a time interval to a given date.
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    Calculates the phase of the moon, current, week at a glance, or a specific date. Could be useful for displaying a corresponding image of the moon on a dynamic website.
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    Zodiacal Sign is a simple class that determines what is the zodiacal sign that corresponds to a given day and month of the year.The class validates the specified month and day and returns the file name of a zodiac sign image.
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    3 boxes with date numbers to send with a form. It looks like there was not a standard way to put a date-selector in a form. Letting the user free with a textbox is more dangerous and takes more time with checking the input-values. \
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    Date_picker can generate HTML code for form inputs to let the user pick a date.Functions of Date_picker:- automatically selects a the correct pulldown values from a MySQL record field in the "date" format of "0000-00-00".- Re-selects the previously or newly chosen values if the form is re-sent (as during data validation errors)- Lets you choose the initial date, or today's ...
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    This class is meant to be used to validate the data, for instance entered in forms. It supports the detection of multibyte text characters.The files provided are in EUC-JP format.It provides following types of validations:- E-mail addresses- Dates- Only alphabetic character strings- Only alphanumeric character strings- Detects strings using a multibyte encoding (Asian character sets)- Verify whether strings contain only ...
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    Date manipulator is meant to perform operations on dates. It can add or subtract days, months or years to a given date. Functions of Date manipulator:- Change from date numbers to text.- Get the current date.- Get the day, month and year values of a date separately.- Get the name of the day of the week or name of the ...
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    trDate is a very simple class that translates dates between different formats. It takes as parameters the expected input format of the date and the desired date output format.If the input and output formats and the date are valid, the class returned the converted date.
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    Schedule is meant to render schedule time tables graphics from definitions in XML format. The schedule definitions specify the days that will appear in one axis of the time table and the hours of the day that appear in the other axis.The schedule include the definitions of the blocks of time that are allocated including the start time, duration of ...
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    Date Picker classes is meant to generate HTML month calendars that can be browsed by the user to let him pick a data.This is an improved version of the BD calendario class originally published in this site by Samuel Aiala Ferreira. The original script did not work when going from December to January and back again. That and other bugs ...
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    Validations is a simple class implements several rules to validate text values on the server side, eventually submitted by the user in Web forms.Currently Validations implements the following validation rules:- E-mail address- Signed integer number- Unsigned integer number- Alphanumeric text with letters, digits and spaces- Date formatted as MM/DD/YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY
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    Week Start and End Days is a simple class that can be used to calculate the start and end date of the current week. The class calculates the list of days of the current calendar month and displays the first and last day of the currrent week.
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    phpDateTime provides you php-Classes for easier handling (Day)Time and Date-Values like seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and Calendar-Dates and Timespans, espacially as interface between DB and Display. Ithandles Unix-Timestamp, MySQL-Timestamp, ISO, DIN, AMI, UK, local-names and more.
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