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    Logs the date, ip, script name, additional text. Additionally, display_log(), does not log duplicate entries within $toler seconds, resolves real ip for proxies.To use to log access to a php script or events by client.Notice: make sure that the log file has write privilege for Web server.
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    Manipulate date and time is a siple class that can be used to perform arithmetic operations with dates. It can add or subtract a period in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds to a given date or a time.Limitations:The code and comments are in Spanish.
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    DateManager is meant to manipulate dates in several formats. It also can perform a few types date operations and output the dates in formats that can be easily be translated to different languages.You can take a look at the documentation.htm file for a complete guide and detailed description in French. The documentation is not yet translated to English but the ...
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    Display a list of 'days until' a set of events, includes a simple example and a more complex one as child classes. Could easily be extended to multi-user and notifications via email by adding a user table and owner columns. Written to MySQL but db access is simple enough to adapt.
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    bbWorldTime can display the current time worldwide. You can choose the local zone to specify the time and it can display current time worldwide in a table.
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    Simple Date Time Object is a simple class to perform calculations with dates and times and convert formats between those used by PHP and MySQL.It may perform date and time calculations like adding and subtracting a period of time, calculating the difference of days between dates, etc..Simple Date Time Object may also generate different HTML form select fields with options ...
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    Calculate the number of days between two dates.
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    Date Buddy is a simple class that can convert date and time values between PHP, ISO, MySQL and United States backwards date and time formats.
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    Date Compare is a simple class that can compute and compare dates. Currently it can compute the date of same month day as today in the next month.Date Compare can also compare a given date with the server side date and determine whether the specified date is after of before the server date.
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    The methods are fully documented in class comments.Key Features of class.datetime.php:- compareDates()- timeStringToStamp()- timeStampToString()- timeFormat()- timeToHumanReadable()- fuzzyTimeString()
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    phpDateTime consists of several classes for manipulating dates, times and time intervals.There is a class for manipulating a date, another for manipulating times (not only time of day, this can also be 156:45:10 or 3 Weeks), another to manipulate a date with time of day and another to manipulate timespans.phpDateTime supports multiple data and time representation formats (ISO, DIN, AMI, ...
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    This is a new class to handle shifting dates. It is designed for use when browsing data from a database using YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS time schemas. class.dateTimeManager.php is useful for stepping though sets of results by X amount of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years.
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    DatePicker is a class to generate HTML form fields for choosing dates. It uses javascript to check and generate valid a day for the selected month, considering for leap year.DatePicker remembers its values after invalid form submission. This means that when the user submits a form, the class keeps track of the submitted values. The class also provide the possility ...
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    Zodiacal Signs is a simple class that can determine what is the Zodiacal sign associated to a given day of the year.
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    Logging Class uses environment variables and date/time functions to log visitors data like IP address, port, browser, date and time and creates either text or xml outputs.
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