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    oLinker is a static PHP script to link objects to a MySQL database. The script assign values to $data and $data2, and their values will still be available even after a refresh.
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    MySQL DB Handler can be used to establish a connection to a MySQL server and execute MySQL database queries. This script executes queries like INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE. It can log the database access errors to a file. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    ddbb implements a MySQL database abstraction access layer. A base class that implements common database access functionality, with other classes handling the operations. Sub-classes implement a MySQL database access and operations wrapper using the regular MySQL extension and another that uses the MySQLi extension. Currently the derived classes can connect of a MySQL database server, use a given database, execute ...
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    SDB simple MySQL script implements a wrapper to access MySQL databases. This script allows easy data control from PHP to MySQL. Here are some key features of "SDB simple MySQL class":- Create tables- Lock tables- Optimize all database tables- Truncate tables- Establish database connections- Execute SQL queries- Retrieve query results into arrays- Retrieve the number of result rows and affected ...
  5. nbrecs class
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    Nbrecs class can be used to extract and list MySQL database table information. It can query a given MySQL database to extract table status information. The script can generate an HTML table on which it displays the retrieved table status information like the table names, number of records, next increment, sizes, comment and last modified. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    This script can be used to store and retrieve objects in MongoDB databases. It can object class schema definitions from files in the YAML format. EVDB can also create, update, delete objects and well find objects by identifier or custom search parameters. It supports plug-ins classes that may be called before or after updating or deleting an object. Requirement: PHP ...
  7. Doctrine Migrations
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    The Doctrine Migrations offer additional functionality on top of the database abstraction layer (DBAL) for versioning your database schema and easily deploying changes to it. It is a very easy to use and powerful tool. To use the Migrations as supplement you have to get the sources from the GitHub repository, either by downloading them, checking them out as SVN ...
  8. RFKmap
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    RFKmap for PHP is a free code which joins FastTemplate and PHPlib's class (DB_Sql) to create an object system for a content management and viewer. A easy syntax to create one instance to access a complex queries and mapping the results to a set of templates.
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    Sync DB Content is meant to synchronize two MySQL database copies. Sync DB Content queries a source database to determine which rows were updated since a given date and generates a text file that contains SQL queries for updating the target database to synchronize its contents.
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    The TableDataManagement class is used as an interface to manipulate data in rows of an SQL database table. Each object of the class can access individual rows of a given table.How does Table Data Management work?On initalization of a class object it obtains information about the table it is interfacing.After the initialization Table Data Management knows:- what primary keys are ...
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    Return a value from a file DB with the value of SEDEX. This class have little use to the major of PHP users but it shows how to create a litle database with ascii files. Retorna um valor de um arquivo de banco de dados com o valor do sedex. Essa classe so eh util para poucos usuarios do PHP ...
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    This class can be used to MySQL database access wrapper. It can establish connections to a MySQL, execute SQL queries, retrieve query results, retrieve the last inserted identifier, the number affected rows, retrieve the tables list and table fields and execute INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE queries from lists of parameters. Requirement: PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    This class can be used to generate a MySQL database backup using PDO. It can query the structure of a given MySQL database and generate SQL statements to recreate and insert the records of the tables in the database. The resulting SQL statements are returned as a single string that can be served for download or stored in a file.
  14. XML DB
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    This package can be used to manage XML and MySQL databases using SQL.It can create a database with tables stored on XML document files, PHP serialized data or MySQL using separate driver classes. is an OpenSource PHP XML script.All drivers support querying data using the same SQL syntax.
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    This class can be used to populate a MySQL database with random data. It can scan the list of tables and fields of a MySQL database and generate SQL INSERT statements that will fill the tables with records with random data. The class tries to populate each record field with values that seem appropriate based on the field name. Then ...
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