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    Display database table in decorated HTML Table. Gets rows from SQL select statement and displays in HTML table. Can set the colors of table cells, rows, columns and border.
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    db_view provides an abstraction class and helpers for multi-tabled Mysql data.db_view class provides:- An abstraction class and helpers for multi-tabled Mysql data. (init, select, select_row, count, insert, update, delete)- Atomic multi-table updates, inserts, deletes eg: update items, month set items.price=month.price where items.id=month.id; Also primitive non-atomic (=insecure) rollbacks.- Functions, Triggers and Defaults per action (select, update, insert, delete; before or after)- ...
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    DBquery is a very simple class that can execute MySQL database queries in a single call to the constructor and displays the query results in an HTML.
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    DBMySQL is a mysql class having a 'javadoc-like/lite' layout. Simple in design, this class is meant to be both a usable class as well as a documented primer for those interested in learning php database scripting.It has enough features to do many things you'd want to do with a database class, and includes a generic 'dump' table for quick testing ...
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    Shref Image in DB can store and retrieve binary files in a MySQL database table. It can read the data from one file, convert the data to an ASCII representation and stores it in a given a given record of a MySQL table field. Shref Image in DB can also do the opposite. It retrieves the data from a given ...
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    DBMaster is MySQL database access wrapper that provides higher level functionality.Besides the usual functions for executing queries to store and retrieve information, it also provides functions for executing operations on the database schema, administration functions retrieve or change the database server status, and other functions to generate HTML to present information retrieved from a database.
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    DB Schema is meant to displays in a tree list view the schema of databases available in a given MySQL server. You can customize the font size, font color, table cell background colors, and tree images by calling object functions.
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    DB Connect is a simple class that can connect to a MySQL database, execute an SQL query and retrieve the result set rows and the respective metadata.DB Connect get function executes an SQL query and returns status of success of the executed query, the number of rows, the number of columns, the total number or result cells, and the list ...
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    classMySQL is intended to simplify the access to MySQL Databases. In a complex application, you should need only one instance of the class making it global.
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    PHPMySQLbackup allows you to perform the backup of a mysql database in mysqldump format without using mysqldump or a system command, only PHP.The class makes a SQL script or GZip archive to download.
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    MySQLdumper is a class that lets you generate a dump of a MySQL database with just 2 lines of code. The dump can be used as a database backup.The dumps contain valid MySQL SQL queries. It does not require the mysqldump command line utility, so the class works even in servers on which this command is not available on the ...
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    mysql_db classes conforms a mysql access frame for a multiple result environment as a group of base classes (connection, recordset and command) and some extra TOOL interfaces to perform management and informative tasks.
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    DB Operations is a wrapper around MySQL databases to execute most type of database SQL queries.Functions of DB Operations:- Connect to MySQL server and select database to work with- Delete records from a table using and without using the where clause- Update records of a table- Drop a table from a database- Create a table- Insert values into a table- ...
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    Db Object will allow you to work with database using classes of objects to store and retrieve the information stored in table rows.It provides separate classes for storing and retrieving data for the objects, defining the criteria and performing searches for objects and database specific drivers.Currently Db Object supports only MySQL, but can be easily extended for use with other ...
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    ADODB XML is meant to import and export data stored in SQL databases to XML files using the ADODB library. It provides a function to export the data of SQL query result set to XML file.ADODB XML also provides another function that parses XML files that define the data of fields to be inserted as new rows of a table ...
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