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    database class can build and execute MySQL database queries.It provides a function named db_sknife (short name for database swiss knife) that can build repetitive select queries from a few parameters. It can also establish a database connection, execute the queries, and return the result values.
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    BabelKit is an interface to a universal multilingual database code table. BabelKit takes all of the programming work out of maintaining multiple database code definition sets in multiple languages.The code administration and translation page lets you define new virtual code tables, new languages, enter all codes and their descriptions and then translate them into all languages of interest.Perl and PHP ...
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    ListBox class is a listbox with database-support.
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    phpMysqlConnection is an interface class to be used with the PHP programming language to help you connect to a MySQL database server and perform your queries. The methods of this class prevent you from having to memorize all the different steps needed to connect to the database, perform your query, and get your results.
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    Database.php is a DBI-like database abstraction layer with drivers for MySQL, InterBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL (incomplete), and Oracle (incomplete).
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    easy.mysql.class is a simple MySQL database access wrapper class that can execute the most common types of SQL queries with a single function call.It has functions for opening and closing database connections and also individual functions to execute SQL queries of type INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, REPLACE and DELETE.
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    MySQL Operations is a simple class meant to connect and query a MySQL database. It has functions to connect to a given MySQL database, execute queries, retrieve results and the number or rows.
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    textDB, a database class using csv files.
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    Class.DB.php is capable of managing a database based on text files in the CSV format. It runs integrated in PHP scripts and so it does not need a separate server.Class.DB.php features file encryption and basic database management operations: find, replace and delete records. It operates with numeric or associative field names. It also also has a useful append mode for ...
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    LSM Check and Repair can be used to access a MySQL database check its tables in order to perform tasks like repairing tables, recover lost indexes and table data files, taking backups and optimize the tables.LSM Check and Repair also generates a Web interface to let the user choose the actions to take and see the result of the operations.
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    This class is meant to compose MySQL database queries from conditions defined dynamically calling the class functions. It can compose MySQL database queries add, delete, reset conditions and key values used to determine the affected rows.
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    LSM Explain Plan can retrieve the explanation of the execution of a given MySQL database SELECT query and compute a relative performance factor.LSM Explain Plan executes an EXPLAIN query to retrieve the information about the tables, columns, indexes and search methods involved in a SELECT query.LSM Explain Plan uses the retrieved information to compute a relative performance factor that is ...
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    class.LoadData.php is a class for loading data into a single MySQL table.
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    pDB is a collection of PHP classes that implement a file based embeddable SQL database engine. It was written in pure PHP and does not require any special extension or external resource. So, it can be distributed with any plain PHP application.pDB class works by storing the database tables in files that contain arrays serialized by PHP to store the ...
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    MySQL Transact is a simple class can queue several MySQL database queries and execute them all at once in a single transaction. It provides means to add SQL queries to a queue.Once all SQL statements are added, MySQL Transact can start a transaction, execute each statement and finishes the transaction either commiting it if all statements succeed or executing a ...
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