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    cbmysql is meant to let you create, query, alter and dropping MySQL database tables, data and so on. Starting in Version 4 you have both, mysql and mysqli support.After creating an object of this class you can query and modify a MySQL database easily.The select function can be configure the return query result arrays with one or two dimensions and ...
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    swemc can connect of a MySQL database, execute SQL query and output the query results in HTML tables.Functions of swemc:- Execute select, update, insert and delete SQL queries- Output query results in HTML tables that can have their presentation customized with CSS.- Output HTML tables also customizable with CSS with the results of queries that retrieve single database table records- ...
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    PHP-PGSQL class is a database management, accessing and searching tool.Functions of PHP-PGSQL:- connection --> Function connection()- query --> Function query($string)- num_rows --> Function nums($string="",$qid="")- object --> Function objects($string="",$qid="")- insert --> Function insert($tb_name,$cols,$val,$astriction)- update --> Function update($tb_name,$string,$astriction)- delete --> Function del($tb_name,$astriction)
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    memDB is a memory based database manager class that can also dump the information either in a file or a string that useful when you store a memDB in another database.
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    Create dumps of every kind of variables, including objects.
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    rs2csv can be used to convert a result set which has been generated by PHP's built-in MySQL functions to a comma separated values (CSV) file.
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    MySQL SP is meant to provide an emulation of stored procedures for MySQL.MySQL SP uses template files stored on the database client side that contain multiple SQL statements with special marks that identify placeholders that are replaced by procedure arguments when they are executed.The result of the execution of procedure is an array containing either the handles of the result ...
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    Database conversion is meant to process SQL code with syntax that is specific to certain databases and convert it to SQL code that is database neutral.The goal of Database conversion is to help avoiding the use of SQL code that is not compatible with all the supported databases.Currently Database conversion supports converting SQL code specific to Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL ...
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    MySQLi Database is a wrapper around the MySQLi extension to access MySQL databases. The package is composed of two classes: one extends the MySQLi class to execute several types of database access functions and another extends the mysqli_result class to manipulate result sets.Features of MySQLi Database:- Optional exception throwing on connection or query errors- All the result fetching functions use ...
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    QueryPrint class allows you to print the result of a database query as an HTML table. A separate module defines the printing. It also allows the result to be displayed on multiple pages.
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    ResultCache is a class used to cache output of a function in disk files.This class is good for improving the performance of scripts that output the results of slow database queries. It can be used for caching data generated from other sources besides database query results.On first call of the class, the function is executed and the returned data to ...
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    vinCache is a class to cache pages whole site.It is a class that stores the visited pages during a specified period before its refreshes the cache. Until then the processed HTML pages are returned to the browser.vinCache may cache the pages in files or in SQL database rows.
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    MySQL_DB_Connect is a database connection handler making use of PHP and MySQL. Support for transactional tables like InnoDB tables is built in, it will, however, still work with non-transactional tables like MyISAM tables.
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    SmashDB is database abstraction class with suppport for several types of RDBMS in a single class: MySQL, PostgreSQL, mSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Interbase, Sybase, and Oracle.
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    Interbase class that makes it easier to work with blob fields and that lets you access fields by name OR index. Originally created to "assist" in a course in php programming at KTH Syd - Campus Telge.Better documentation of it is needed but the code "speaks" for itself until the documentation becomes available.
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