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    PHP&Databases; class allows you to perform a MySQL database management (Select, Delete, Insert, Update).
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    dbsource is a class meant to easily access different kinds of databases based on a common interface, taking the database connections to its cleanest, scalable maximum.
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    DBManager provides several classes that implement different aspects of the access using a central class to manage connections to the MySQL database server.The DBManager class keeps track of each database connection that is opened. It provides a function named getDB() that establishes the database conection when it is called for the first time, and returned a reference to an object ...
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    MySQL Log allows you to add and show the log provide by other classes such as MySQL Connection and MySQL Recordset.
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    DB Sessions is meant to act a session manager handler using as container a database accessed using PEAR::DB package rather than using the default container which is based on files.DB Sessions can be useful for instance to store user session data of sites served using load balanced array of Web servers. Simply include the class file, create a new instance ...
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    MyQuery is a simple MySQL query generator class to ease writing of complex queries with lots of WHERE and alike statements.
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    CM SQL is a simple package meant to execute SQL SELECT queries and format the query results. The select class can connect to the database server, execute SELECT queries and store the results in an array class variable. The database connection can be configured by an external script.A separate string formatting class can be use format the values returned as ...
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    MySQL Table Wrapper can be used to access the rows of a MySQL database table as objects. It provides functions to insert, search, retrieve, update and delete table rows.MySQL Table Wrapper can retrieve the names of the columns the specified table to associate class variables to table columns with the same names.
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    DB 2 XML can be used to generate XML documents from information stored in a MySQL database table. The class executes a SQL query to retrieve the values of a list of fields of a given SQL table.Then DB 2 XML generates a XML document with the retrieved values as data of XML tags mapped from the original SQL query ...
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    MySQL RecordSet class provides automatic erase by ID, erase by Array, check SQL between other functions. The MySQL Connection is required.
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    Hybrid MySQL is a lightweight wrapper to access MySQL databases.Functions of Hybrid MySQL:- Open and close MySQL database connections- Execute SQL queries- Fetch the query results as array, associative arrays or objects- Get number of returned query result rows- Display failure error messages
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    mysqlRecordSet creates a MySQL connection and records set objects with support for error reporting.
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    Recordset is a recordset Class like ADO Recordset (plus DataBase Splitting feature) using ODBC functions.
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    The purpose of this class is to help in the updating of data stored in database tables. Tablemaint has functions to add, modify, delete and search for data in the database table rows.
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    Class to control the access the pages of a site. It is not necessary MySQL or other database. The class logs warnings and errors to files.
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