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  1. MySQL DB Cleanup Script
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    MySQL DB Cleanup Script is a PHP Script to drop tables on all/some databases with wildcards. There is no way in MySQL to drop tables using wildcards like 'temp_%', this simple PHP will help us do the following:- specify databases like 'anything%', so you check only the databases you need to.- specify tables like 'temp_%' , 'temp3_%' in an array ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    EGallery is a PHP script that generates an image gallery from a directory of files without having to set up a database. What this means to you is that you can have an image gallery set up in mere seconds by just uploading the EGallery files to your web server. Features of EGallery:- Cached thumbnails to reduce page load times- ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    This script can generate PHP scripts that are MySQL backups. It connects to a given MySQL server and extracts the list of all databases.The script generates a PHP script with commands to execute queries that recreate the database tables and insert the records with the current values. The generated backup PHP script is stored in a given file.
  4. Mysqli Wrapper
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    Mysqli Wrapper is a PHP script for running short, secure database queries. It allows developers to quickly setup a MySQL database connections run their query in a safe environment, return the results and close the connection. Features of Mysqli Wrapper:- A single 6 characters function- It's secure against SQL injections because it's parameterized- Returns an array- Easy migration from the ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    Phpoi consists of a number of php scripts intended to handle Points Of Interest. With phpoi you can store points of interest in a database, put lists of those points on the web and allow visitors to download files for GPS navigators.
  6. No Screenshot
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    Lightning Notes is a simple web-logging system, created as a proof-of-concept. Fully standards compliant and accessible, it is designed to quickly set up a functional and structured site to conveniently track related and unrelated items.It is written in PHP, using a flat-file, XML database, outputting an XHTML page with CSS skins. Features of Lightning Notes:- Text-input with Textile- XHTML-output with ...
  7. No Screenshot
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    Genghis is a web interface for MongoDB databases and runs just from one single PHP file.Features of Genghis:- Manage databases- Manage collections- Manage documents What's New in This Version:- Changed grippie cursor to `row-resize`.- Fixed "unable to connect" errors for some driver versions (PHP backend).- Updated JSON gem dependency (Ruby backend).- Added support for Sinatra v1.4.0 (Ruby backend).- Support latest ...
  8. No Screenshot
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    dbiCal is a PHP database backend solution for storing (multiple) iCal calendars in a database and uses the MDB2 PEAR package as database API and the iCalcreator 2.8 as the API for interacting with calendar data.Works with MySQL/MySQLi, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Frontbase (unmaintained), Querysim, Interbase/Firebird, MSSQL and SQLite databases. All calendar information and components with all properties, including x-properties are supported. ...
  9. Crystal
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    Crystal is a PHP database interaction toolkit and wraps SQL code in nice, human-readable syntax, allowing developers to quickly run database operations right from their PHP code.Features of Crystal:- Well documented- Human readable syntax- Portable- Supports CRUD operations- Handle database manipulation and validationRequirements:- PHP 5.24 or HigherWhat's New in This Version:- Custom SQL in WHERE.
  10. No Screenshot
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    This is a PHP pagination script can be used distribute number of records on different pages and specify links so that user can go from one page to next page. Features of Pagination Advanced:- Easy to implement script- Can be easily modified- Shows the Pagination by calling a function- Can change number of records to be shown on a page- ...
  11. Strictly System Check
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    This is a free WordPress plugin for system monitoring. It regularly checks and reports for system, database and server settings. It shows warnings whenever the system overloads or something goes down.Features of Strictly System Check:- The option to choose which URL is scanned when the system check is carried out- The ability to search for a key phrase or piece ...
  12. Backup Sites and DBs
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    This PHP script can backup sites and DBs that will dump all your sites and databases every dat into a backup folder.
  13. ClassQL
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    This is a database ORM for PHP. It provides a new approach to creating and using database PHP ORMs. It creats an artificial OOP SQL syntax. Features of ClassQL:- Easy to learn syntax- Custom filters to compute SQL results- Supports for eager loading- Supports some kind of inheritance- Complete PHP API- PHP stream wrapper to include models as PHP classes- ...
  14. No Screenshot
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    This is a PHP-driven administration interface for Redis databases. Redis is a persistent key-value store database written in ANSI-C.phpRedisAdmin just provides a simple graphic interface for managing those stores.Requirements:- PhpRedis
  15. tigershark
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    This is a simple key-value store system for PHP. It can be used to replace complex database systems, in environments where that's not possible of the project is too small for it. tigershark uses PHP arrays to store and manipulte data. It implements NoSQL principles using a single PHP file. Usage instructions are included with the package's README.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 ...
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