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    MDW is a PHP database script for working with PDO databases, which is also very secure, adding an extra layer of safety to database operations. Only MySQL is supported, but other DBs can be easily added. It's basically a simple interface for working with databases via PDO from PHP and does this by providing a list of preset DB operation ...
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    Bot Monitor alerts you when search engines spider your websites, sends you an email containing details of the page the bot the ip address and the time & date of the visit. It can also be set to store these ina database of which you could retreive and display on your site to show your visitors or yourself how often ...
  3. SQLReactor
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    SQLReactor is a simple ORM system for PHP5 with multi-database support and currently support database engines like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and Oracle. What's New in This Version:- Implemented methods to create indexes- Implemented toArray() and fromArray() methods- Implemented attributes() method- Add a method to create all tables
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    BIKE is a light MySQL web GUI which is written in PHP which allows programmers to interact with a database via a web browser. It is perfect for remote databases or a getting more organized query results. Features of BIKE:- Records up to 40 recent queries- Twitter Bootstrap based interface- AJAX interactions- Queries are stored in different tabs (8)- Save ...
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    Freecast is free and very simple script which allows you to broadcast members using any member's database. It allows you to send the mails accordingly to any hosting or anti-spam limitations. The sender script can also be scheduled as a cron job.
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    Faker is a PHP library for generating filler (fake) data which can be used whenever a database or text container needs to be filled with sample/filler content. It can generate filler content like: - Addresses- Street names- Cities- States- State abbreviations- Zip codes- Postal codes- Countries- Names- First names- Last names- Usernames- Domain names- Domain suffixes- IPv4 addresses- Phone numbers- ...
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    PhpRedis is an extension for PHP providing an API for communicating with a Redis database. It handles sessions, errors, connections, authentication, retrieving data and much more. Check the included README file for more documentation and instructions.
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    CUBRID PHP Driver is a PHP driver for the CUBRID database system. It allows connecting PHP-driven websites to the CUBRID RDBMS. Meanwhile, also available as a PECL package. Requirements:- CUBRID- PHP 5.3 or Higher What's New in This Version:- When execute the sql statement containing "prepare", the error info is not right.- cubrid_schema dosen't support to query all triggers with ...
  9. SQL Solution
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    SQL Solution is a set of PHP scripts for interacting with various database systems. It provides a powerful, user friendly, platform independent API (Application Programming Interface) for MySQL (via PHP's mysql and mysqli extensions), PostgreSQL, SQLite (via PHP's sqlite and sqlite3 extensions) and ODBC database management systems. Different versions for PHP 4 and 5 exist. Features of SQL Solution:- Automatically ...
  10. GeoIP PHP API
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    GeoIP PHP API is a script working with GeoIP itself, and with the GeoLite open source databases. These are three methods of querying the GeoIP databases from PHP. They come as a Pear, Pecl and pure PHP implementation. The easiest to setup is the Pure PHP API. The setup for the high performance PHP extension and mod_geoip APIs is more ...
  11. SessionMongo
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    SessionMongo is a PHP script handles user sessions using a MongoDB database. It connects to MongoDB database servers, registers functions for basic session manipulation. The MongoDB database becomes a medium for storing current session data.
  12. GuestBook Script
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    Guestbook Script is a free script add a free guestbook on your website. People can post a message directly on your website and all the data will be stored in MySQL database. Along with each comment the date and time when it was posted will be recorded too. External CSS file is used to style the look of the guest ...
  13. MySQL Table Search
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    MySQL Table Search is a free PHP MySQL search script which will let you print the content of a MySQL database table and then filter the results using different criteria. Features of MySQL Table Search:- sing jQuery date picker you can filter the results by date range- a text box lets you search for name or email- using a drop ...
  14. ADOdb
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    ADOdb is a database abstraction library for PHP and hides the differences between the different databases so developers can easily switch databases without changing code. It is used in lots of projects around the web and is almost considered a standard on its own. Features of ADOdb:Supported databases:- MySQL- PostgreSQL- Interbase- Firebird- Informix- Oracle- MS SQL- Foxpro- Access- ADO- Sybase- ...
  15. MySql database query tool
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    Free Web based MySql database query tool (HDBQ 2.1) to add, save, manage user queries and query mysql database.This script is written in PHP. Features of Web based MySql database query tool:- Easy to use mysql HDBQ 2.1 database query tool.- UI to add, save and manage frequently user queries.- Support for date based queries.- Simple file web based password ...
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