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    Database Connection is a very simple MySQL database access wrapper. The script can establish persistent and non-persistent connections, set the current database, execute an SQL query and return its result set resource handle, free the result set and close the connection. Database Connection also allows persistent setting, and saving of the result resource.
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    MySQL Model can be used as a wrapper to provide an object oriented access to MySQL database table rows. It retrieves table metadata to determine the names and other properties of table columns to map them to object properties. The script MySQL Model provides mechanisms for finding, creating, modifying and removing table records. Additionally, it allows for lazy joins of ...
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    CSV Handler can retrieve or change information stored in CSV (Comma Separated Values) files. It comes with a built-in Web interface for editing CSV files to simplify the management of CSV file by site administrators without much code. This class CSV Handler can be useful as replacement of a full database for sites being hosted in servers without database Support ...
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    SQLm is meant to process and execute SQL queries to PostgreSQL databases using template files to define the SQL statements and the Smarty engine to process the SQL templates and assign the query parameter values. The class SQLm includes means to profile the queries that are executed keeping track of the time that they take. It may also highlight the ...
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    XmlRepository is the XML storage solution using a relational database. This script uses the Edge Table Approach with inlining to store and retrieve XML objects to or from a relational database. You can insert, update, or delete elements and attributes, load and reconstruct complete xml documents.
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    Esiform class is meant to create, validate and process Web forms. When a valid form is submitted, Esiform can execute several types of built-in follow-up actions. Currently Esiform supports executing these types of follow-up actions:- Send an e-mail message to a given address based on a template that can be processed using the submitted form values- Resubmit the form data ...
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    The class Visitation Model ADOdb can be used to manipulate and browse database table records structured as an hierarchy tree. Visitation Model ADOdb is based on another class originally developed by Khaled Al-Shamaa. It uses the ADOdb API instead of MySQL API.
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    Simple Object provides a base class that has common functions for accessing class variables. It provides to any derived class the same interface of setter and getter functions, import(), export(), append(), register_filter(), unregister_filter(), apply_filter() etc.. Simple Object is both a template engine class and a database query result fetcher class are just two examples of derived classes that share the ...
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    SQL Revealer is a simple class for show all the data content stored in a MySQL database for when it is not possible to use a more powerful tool for this purpose like phpmyadmin or a similar application. SQL Revealer retrieves all tables of a given MySQL database and outputs the data from each database table using HTML tables with ...
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    BaseDB is the excellent oo base class for mysql interaction. worth looking at. You must use this as a base class and extend your classes which map to a table name. Your tables must have a 'id', 'created' and 'modified' field to work properly and the class takes care of the rest. check it out.
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    DAO classes is a SQL database access wrapper. It can establish database connections to one of several possible database server slaves. The class DAO classes can execute queries immediately or store the SQL statements in a queue file execute the queries all at once some time later. It also supports managing transactions and retrieving result sets all at once into ...
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    Dominion 5 is a set of 4 elemental libraries to build complex sites. domvar.lib is the basic database abstraction layer, to access to any database with the same objects and methods.- DB_Base is the main database connector object.- DB_Cursor is the main database cursor access object. domdb.lib is the basic database SML and DML abstraction layer, to access to any ...
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    Datamodul is a MySQL database access wrapper with metadata retrieval functions. THe script can establish MySQL database server connections, execute SQL queries, iterate over query results and retrieve its data as arrays. The class Datamodul can also retrieve metadata like the database table names and the respective fields.
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    The script DBX Parser is capable of opening and parsing database files generated by Outlook 5 and 6. DBX Parser can extract the e-mail messages and save them into the Internet e-mail format. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    SQLData is an extension of the dm.DB class. SQLData provides object-relational mappings to store and retrieve persistent objects in an SQL database. SQLData comes with additional scripts for generating classes to be used by applications to access given database tables using the SQLData class. These scripts are meant to run from the command line. They retrieve the definitions of a ...
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