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    The data is fetched and passed to the template engine. HTML templates are created with the data's keywords.
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    The idea for DataDumper came from the CPAN Perl module Data::Dumper. DataDumper will take a PHP variable (numeric, boolean, string orarray) and convert it into a string containing the PHP code needed to re-create the variable again, using eval(). This means that, for example, the entire structure and contents of complex multi-dimentional arrays can be saved to a text file, ...
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    data_table requires a bi-demensional array. The table can be set to be orderable and so the headers appear as links that will make the table be sorted when they are clicked.data_table also has an automatic next-previous functions which will show links at the bottom of the table when the count of data will be bigger than the count of shown ...
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    data structure is a PHP implementation of several Java classes for manipulating common data types.Currently data structure provides ports of the classes: String, StringBuffer, StringTokenizer and Vector.
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    A file containing rows of data that use the | character to delimit table cell data is used to define the table contents.
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    QCP64 CRC takes as parameters a string and data to compute the check, a seed value and the length of the checksum. A class variable is used to store the computed checksum.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    An hierarchic data structure, that can be accessed as a tree of nested objects is built from the result of parsing an YAML file.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This class can identifying names, places, dates, and other noun words and phrases that establish the meaning of a body of text-is critical to software systems that process large amounts of unstructured data coming from sources such as email, document files, and the Web. ArWordTag has been designed to assist other applications processing massive amounts of unstructured data from different ...
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    Data sets with a specified format can be generated in order to test systems that expect input data in that format.There is an abstract base class for generating arbitrary data sets from sample data taken from arrays or data files. There is also a concrete class for generating profiles for United States users with with fictional yet realistic data.The user ...
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    Variable Length Coding can be used to compress and uncompress data using the variable length encoding. It can read a stream of data and pack it using an pure PHP implementation of the variable length encoding algorithm.Variable Length Coding can also do the opposite reading a variable length encoded stream of data and unpack it to restore the original uncompressed ...
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    Queue is a class for storing and managing data in a queue data structure.
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    Data Displayer is meant to display arbitrary data or data from database query result in various formats such as reports, grids and catalogs. Data Displayer is suitable for generating catalog products (shopping chart).Features of Data Displayer:- Pagination of long listings of data- Convert URLs into HTML links- Convert image strings to HTML image tags- Add other types of page elements ...
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    Arrays, objects and even scalar variables, such as strings, integers, etc., can be dumped in plain text or HTML.
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    phpMyApplication helps beginner - advanced web developers to create required tables and manage data of their website or web based application (data,image,file) in easiest and fastest way.PHPMyApplication also allows web developers to mix (or include) phpmyapplication.php with their own scripts to create more automated and advanced application. You can create simple standalone applications also. phpMyApplication saves your time & programming ...
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    To administrate data has to be efficient and easy to handle. If you consider for example a publishers company with several authors who have written different books it makes no sense to present the data on different web pages. That's not lucid. PHP and MySql programming and a cross table can help you out. The cross table holds the id-data ...
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