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    PhpCache is a PHP script for implementing a simple data caching engine, a system for storing commonly used data temporarily on the client's side. It has a simple design, using a temp cache folder to store the data, using PhpCache allows programmers to speed up their apps and websites. This is because data will be saved locally for an amount ...
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    Data Generator Script is a free, open source script written in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL that lets developers quickly generate large volumes of custom data. Data Generator Script will help developers testing out their software and scripts by generating usable dummy data to fill in and use in their tests. Features of Data Generator Script:- Ajax interface- Installation wizard- Many ...
  3. Smrtr DataGrid
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    Smrtr DataGrid is a PHP library for manipulating tabular data. Smrtr DataGrid was designed to take data from large or small data grids and work with it in different formats. Current supported formats include JSON and CSV, while MySQL and XML are still in the works. Smrtr DataGrid supports operations for loading new data from a remote or local location, ...
  4. MySQL_Revisioning
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    MySQL_Revisioning is a PHP script to allow versioning of MySQL data. The concept of "versioning" hit mainstream development with CMSs, as a way to go back in time to previous versions of the article. MySQL_Revisioning is a simple way of implementing the same principle, but for MySQL databases. The script does not store different versions of the database's state at ...
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    Contact Data is a WordPress plugin to centralize all the contact data about a site's owner. The 'Contact Data' plugin uses a set of shortcode and PHP functions (detailed in the README file) to output various contact details about a site's owner. It can output all of them in one place, or one by one individually. Features of Contact Data:Managed ...
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    Data Validator is a PHP library for data validation based on rules Supports following validation orders: sequence, all-at-once and mix of them (using dependencies model). It can embed different user-defined validation rules libraries (default built-in library is provided)
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    This is a PHP script for counting and displaying simple data of web site traffic. Records and displays number of site visits and unique visitors, in the current and previous day, the number of online visitors in the last 60 seconds; as well as the top visits, visitors and record of online visitors, also, the IP of the current visitor. ...
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    EasyCSV is a collection of PHP scripts for working with CSV files and data, including tools for both reading and writing CSV files. It can read a file row by row, or even all at once. At the same time it can write a CSV file or it can append to a file row by row. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or ...
  9. FarODP
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    FarODP gets live data from the Open Directory Project to your own website. Let visitors browse and search categories of websites. This script is easy to install; just upload this script to your server. Easily customize the layout by editing the templates. It supports thumbnails of websites, caching, filter adult categories and searches, foreign language support, search engine friendly mode, ...
  10. JSON Viewer
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    JSON Viewer is a PHP script for viewing a JSON file's content. It is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format and can either read JSON in text format, or hosted online (by URL). The output can be formatted via HTML, or just displayed in raw format. What's New in This Version:- Remove slashes if magic quotes are on.- Added ...
  11. Minecraft Class
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    Minecraft script is a PHP script for interacting with Minecraft servers. It contains useful functions for integrating a PHP app with Minecraft data.Features of Minecraft Class:- Login user- Get user skin- Render skin- Check if user is premium- Special function to keep session aliveWhat's New in This Version:- The custom_skin variable was renamed to player_skin in the signin function.- The ...
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    Wowhead-API is a PHP library for working with WoW data found on Wowhead. It is a service for retrieving statistical data about WoW (World of Warcraft). Because Wowhead does not provide an API (in the real meaning of the work), the library parses Wowhead pages and retrieves desired data. It can be used with the Flamework PHP framework as well.
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    ebay mine is OO PHP Libraries for mining data from eBay into mysql database. This project started to use in a new business and decided the the development time for the end result was going to be too long. It is basically a OO PHP API to retrieve data from eBay to be stored in a MySQL database for analysis.
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    Data Access Objects is a PHP library for generating the necessary code for working with Data Access Objects (DAO). Meanwhile, it is perfect for working with CRUD-heavy web pages.Features of Data Access Objects (DAO) for PHP:- PreparedStatement PHP class similar to JDBC.- Database-neutral XML DDL Schema engine and SQL generator.- Saves lots of development time, providing automatic pre-made code
  15. Datagrid (Nette Framework)
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    This is data grid component for the Nette PHP Framework, which allows developers to create data tables with nice user interation features. Features of Datagrid (Nette Framework):- Sorting- Pagination- Display a certain amount of content per pageRequirements:- Nette Framework
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