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  1. PHP LPD
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    PHP LPD is a PHP script to implement a virtual printer in PHP. LPD stands for "Line Printer Daemon", a network protocol for submitting print jobs to a remote printer. PHP LPD creates a virtual interface for sending printing jobs to a printer via PHP code. A demo and usage instructions are included with the download package.
  2. Script Alone
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    Script Alone is a script which can be used to manage the execution of PHP daemon scripts. It saves inside the control file the state of the currently running script. The script can check that file to see if an instance of the script is already running to prevent that more than one instance of the script is being executed. ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    PHP-Simple-Daemon is a script to run PHP as a daemon on POSIX systems. The daemon will run in the OS' background as a process that accepts connections and acts on them. For every connection, the daemon creates a new process. Documentation is provided with the package's README file. The code is also very well commented. Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- ...
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    SiteFusion allows object-oriented PHP applications to operate as OS-native applications through a XULRunner-based thin client. The client connects to the SiteFusion daemon through an ordinary Web server,... and applications run in separate continuous processes. Two-way communication is enabled, without the need for additional Web server configurations. The implementation of the XUL framework in a PHP class structure includes an implementation ...
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    Multi Threading, Daemon (Windows service) is serves as demonstration of how a Windows service can be started using the Win32 PHP extension. It register the service and starts a loop that goes on forever until the service is instructed to terminate.In side the service loop the class calls a separate PHP script that can perform an arbitrary task as a ...
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    Multi Threaded Daemon provides several robustness improvements over the original Multithreaded Daemon class, adds support for handling signals and an unique PID file to avoid multiple instances. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    First PHP Cron Daemon starts a daemon process using Luca Mariano's PHP fork class to make the cron daemon script run like a standalone program.PHP Cron Daemon can parse a crontab file with Mick Sear's cron parser class and extract the job scheduling definitions into a MySQL database table.When it is time to run a scheduled job, it executes the ...
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    The current process can be forked and child process identifiers can be stored in a pid file. The forked process enters an infinite loop executing its job until it receives a termination signal.The base class is not useful by itself. It needs to be derived to implement daemon job as a function of the sub-class.
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    Multi Threaded Daemon can start a given number of parallel threads that execute code defined by functions of implementation sub-classes.The execution of code in critical sections can be managed by using locks in order to assure that only one thread executes the code at a time.Multi Threaded Daemon also manages the access to variables that are shared by threads running ...
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    Daemon Emulation can be used to create and manage daemon processes.Daemon Emulation starts a new child process that is left asleep while the main process runs. After some time the main process wakes up the child and exits. The child starts another child process which gets is left asleep while its parent process runs and so on.Daemon Emulation requires the ...
  11. No Screenshot
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    clsDaemonize is intended to automate the creation of system daemons proceses under Unix like operating systems or those with POSIX compliant API like Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, etc... It can fork a new process using the PHP pcntl extension and detach from the starting shell so it can exit without killing the daemon process.clsDaemonize can maintain a ...
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    Simple TCP Daemon lets you write Simple daemons.Features of Simple TCP Daemon are:- Support running as inetd/standalone app- Validate commands and handle commands through callbacks
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