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    Powerful class for converting values between different units, such as weight, volume, currency, etc..
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    conv.class can convert a string or a number format into a currency format. It also can convert an MySQL date format into German date format and vice-versa.
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    IP2More can lookup related information of the country of the network of a given IP address. It does not need an SQL database server as it uses the ip2country flat file databases to lookup the the IP country and other details like the country ISO 2 and 3 letter codes, FIPS104 code, ISO number, region, capital, currency name and code ...
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    Currency Converter classes can convert money amountsfrom one currency to another.Currency Converter classes takes a given money amount and the origin and conversion currency code and then it retrieves converted amount by connecting to the XE.com site.
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    Numero a Letra is meant to spell quantity numbers using Spanish words.It provides options to spell the quantities with either male or female gender, specify the currency when the quantity refers to money, specify the case of the words as well a prefix and a suffix to be returned with the text.Limitations:The source code and comments are in Spanish.
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    Currency Display & Convert are classes that allow youto perform Currency conversion and display according to national formats.Display and Conversion are decoupled to ease customisation and reusability.
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