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  1. Zebra_cURL
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    Zebra_cURL is a PHP script for dealing with cURL and wraps the libcurl library and improves the way developers work with it. It enriches the default features with support for parallel execution of HTTP requests, along with the possibility to process requested data as soon as it's available on disk, instead of waiting for the request queue to empty out. ...
  2. AjaxProxy
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    AjaxProxy is a PHP script for working with cross-domain Ajax calls. Unlike other similar solutions, this script even works without cURL installed. Works faster and better though if cURL is present. It also supports cookie operations as well. The script itself is basically a simple detour mechanism browsers that block Ajax cross-domain calls. Requirements:- fopen() or cURL must be accessible
  3. No Screenshot
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    MultiRequest is a PHP script for working with multi-threaded GET/POST requests. The script itself is based on CURL concepts implemented with PHP 5. A demo is included with the download package. What's New in This Version:Added:- MultiRequest_Handler follow location on 301 and 302 response codes- MultiRequest_Callbacks - universal class for defining callbacks- MultiRequest_Defaults - defining Requests defaults- MultiRequest_Session - emulation ...
  4. HttpRequest
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    HttpRequest is a PHP script using cURL for Ajax-like HTTP requests. Programmatically, it mimics jQuery's $.ajax function. A small example is included with the download archive, to get the developer started on his own implementation. Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher
  5. Retrieve Adsense Earnings
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    This is a simple and open source PHP script use cURL extension to login to your Adsense account and retrieve your earings. You just need to provide you Google's username and password, and choose the data you want to grab.Requirements:- cURL extension- Google Adsense account- Set Google Adsense account to use older website version (this will not work on the ...
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    In addition to all regular cURL options, Easy cURL also supports methods for setting authentication credentials and making requests over a proxy server. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    MyCurl automatically detects whether the cURL library is available. If it is not available, it defines several functions with the same names of the cURL extension that use the class to emulate part the original functionality.The curl_init, curl_exec, curl_setopt and curl_close functions are currently supported. Several of the most important options can be set with the curl_setopt function.Requirements: PHP 3.0 ...
  8. No Screenshot
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    Simple HTTP browser can send HTTP requests of type HEAD, GET and POST using the Curl extension if available, or the socket connection functions otherwise.Accessing pages that require authentication, HTTP compression and file downloads, are supported.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
  9. No Screenshot
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    cURL is an object oriented wrapper around the PHP cURL extension functions. This cURL extension is often used as HTTP client to access to remote Web pages or Web services via HTTP like those using the SOAP protocol.cURL provides functions to set the cURL extension options, execute HTTP requests and retrieve the response headers and bodies. The documentation is embedded ...
  10. No Screenshot
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    EasyWebFetch is a simple class for web fetching from your application. It is an alternative if your server doesn't have PHP with curl enabled, or the PHP configuration doesn't allow opening URLs with fopen(). EasyWebFetch fetch a web page by opening socket connection to remote host, so it has no dependencies and should work on any server configuration.Features of EasyWebFetch:- ...
  11. No Screenshot
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    Curl Based HTTP Client implements an HTTP client using the PHP Curl library extension. It can perform HTTP GET or POST requests taking an array as the list of POST parameters. Curl Based HTTP Client can set request referrer, authentication credentials, connection peer IP address, download/upload files, use proxy etc.. It can also collect cookies sent by the server in ...
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    MultiCurl class library is a solution for work with MULTI CURL PHP extension.MultiCurl class library provides to execute some parallel HTTP requests with limit of downloaded size. Example: start 100 downloads with 2 parallel sessions, and get only first 100 Kb per session.
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    Simple CURL Wrapper is a wrapper around the CURL extension functions to submit HTTP requests to remote Web sites. It can submit HTTP HEAD, GET and POST requests and return the server response bodies.Simple CURL Wrapper also creates a temporary file to collect cookies, so you can perform multiple requests sending back the cookie values to the servers that have ...
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