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    rs2csv can be used to convert a result set which has been generated by PHP's built-in MySQL functions to a comma separated values (CSV) file.
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    An easy to use PHP class to display a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file in the form of an HTML table.
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    textDB, a database class using csv files.
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    Class.DB.php is capable of managing a database based on text files in the CSV format. It runs integrated in PHP scripts and so it does not need a separate server.Class.DB.php features file encryption and basic database management operations: find, replace and delete records. It operates with numeric or associative field names. It also also has a useful append mode for ...
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    CSV file db provides simple access to csv files and let you easy navigate through the tabel. You should only access one of the following functions and variables.Variables:$index // Index in File, DO NOT CHANGE$limiter // The CVS Limiter, usually ";"$filename // The filename of the cvs file$record = array() // The actual record$EOF // True if End of File$BOF ...
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    CSVReader is a class that can be used to parse CSV (Comma Separated Values) files. The class can also handle CSV files uploaded to a Web server using forms.The parsed files can be outputted as an HTML table.Note: Class is for Beginners
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    IP to Country classes is meant to determine the country where is its located the Internet network given the IP address of computer.The class uses a CSV file named ip-to-country.csv that lists the IP address ranges and the respective countries. That file can be obtained from from webhosting.info site .IP to Country classes can lookup the IP range CSV file ...
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    ChatBot is a fast chat robot/automatic autoresponder. You can use it, for example, on FAQ pages with a large amount of questions/answers. ChatBot stores all data in single csv file (no database needed) and has an easy-to-use questions/answers admin interface.
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    PuszBaza is a flat textfile-based database script based on PHP4. Data is stored in a similar stucture to the csv files. Puszbaza can be used to easily create guestbooks, forums, counters, etc. Please note PuszBaza currently includes no security feature. Anyone who knows the name of your data file will be able to view your data. The documents are available ...
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    csvImport is a phpCMS plugin that can automatically import data in the csv-format from an external file. Features of phpCMS-Plugin: csvImport: - templates for the data; - configuration in the content-file; - generate phpCMS-tags for each field; - easy installation. use alternative template every (configurable) number of lines.
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