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    CRoundCorner can be used to generate rounded corner images. It can render an image of a given size that can appear rounded in one of the four possible corners.The rounded corner are color, the circle radius and the transparency of the background area are configurable parameters. The image is generated in the PNG format and can be saved to a ...
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    HTML Compactor helps youto reduce the size of HTML documents by removing unnecessary comments and white-spaces. It can process an HTML document passed explicitly as a string. It may also capture all the output of a PHP script and compact it before serving to the user browser.HTML Compactor can reduce the size of the document by applying several operations like ...
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    HTML Bar Codes can be used to display bar codes using only HTML with CSS styles. It takes a code to represent and generates CSS style definitions and HTML tags to render that code in an HTML page.There are two classes that can render bar codes using the Code39 and Interleave 2 of 5 standards respectively.
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    Indexer is a small php-script which provides a nice looking index of the content in the directory where it is located (including the directories below). It is valid xhtml and can be customized with css.
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    Need a shadow for an image that doesn't require using any graphics library calls, you can simply use this tool to generate the HTML for any image you might have. This tool does use some graphics library calls to get the size. Simply copy and paste the HTML that this tool generates for your image with whatever shadow options that ...
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    CSS AutoLoad processes the @import keyword server-side instead of client-side. In this manner, website authors can easily create and load a CSS framework into all pages with a single stylesheet include, no matter how many .css files are in use.In English: You can use as many stylesheets as you want without having to include each one in your HTML document ...
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    Bar chart drawing can be used to generate bar chart diagrams using only HTML with CSS styles and icons images. It does not use GD or any other dynamic graphics generation library. It takes as parameters a set of values that define each bar of the chart, a set of labels for horizontal and vertical axis legends.Bar chart drawing generates ...
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    URL CSS Parser can be used to retrieve and display the CSS files used by a given page. It retrieve a page with a given URL and extracts the list of CSS files that it uses.URL CSS Parser can display the CSS files as a list of links pointing to the CSS documents used by the given page.
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    iam_calendar can be used to display calendar of a given month in an HTML page.The days of the month of holidays or other events can be configured to be highlighted in a special way. The days of the month can rendered with form checkbox or radio inputs so they can be selected by the user.The presentation of the different parts ...
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    Tired of constantly re-writing the same CSS code? Frustrated with searching through old projects to copy and paste code from? CSS Briefcase is a great little program that helps you organize your CSS styles and store them for use in future projects.Just add CSS style code you tend to use in several projects, and from there on adding the code ...
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    CSS Tree Class can be used to parse Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and build a tree data structure that can traversed programatically.CSS Tree Classcan parse CSS data from files or text strings. It builds an hierarchy of style nodes. It can also output styles for tags, HTML style tag definitions or to a given file.
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    Basic CSS Form Generator is a very simple class for composing and generating HTML forms. It generates valid XHTML Transitional HTML code and uses CSS to define the presentation details of the inputs.
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    CSS parser is able to parse CSS files making the properties available for examination and further processing.
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    parseCSS, a class for parsing CSS files or strings. Features of parseCSS:- Returns associative array containing all css parameters.- Generates a css from associative array.- Package also includes demo code for using this class with Flash file so that a Flash animation can use styles from CSS stylesheet (Code by Feike Brouwer).Example: associative array $oCSS->css["body"]["font-size"]="12pt;"
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    FormBuilder is a PHP class that simplifies the process of creation and validation of HTML forms. It can also output the results in a text form and email them. FormBuilder in essence manages a collection of field classes that implement a standard interface defined by the FormField class.Classes currently implemented include text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, popup menus, date/time, etc. ...
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