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    Watchdog is a PHP script for watching and alerting on file changes. The developer can tell the script to watch several directories for changes in their files and alerting the developer via the PHP inotify library. Even if it was developed for CSS files, the script can watch about any other kind of files the same. It has been known ...
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    CSSfix is a script automatically apply vendor prefixes to specified CSS rules. And it also applies other fixes, for different CSS browser specifics.
  3. Spiffing CSS
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    Spiffing CSS is a CSS preprocessor for writing CSS in well-spoken English, allowing the developer to write CSS rules with more English-like words and have the PHP script convert them to standards compliant CSS rules. It is extremely easy to setup, just prepend all loaded CSS files with "spiffing.php?file=". Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher
  4. xCSS
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    xCSS is a PHP script for writing CSS in an object-oriented manner and adds support for OOP-like mentality, like variables, code reusage, DRY principles, etc.. It keeps CSS overhead down and allows (X)HTML attributes to remain semantic and inspired by OO CSS and SASS. Features of xCSS:- Selector inheritance- keep it modular- Nested selectors- Variables- Loosely syntax- Multiple files Requirements:- ...
  5. chart.php
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    chart.php is a PHP script for creating bar charts. It is very customizeable, allows editing of the presented data's labels and values. Graphics are editable via an external CSS file and a small example is included with the download package.
  6. CSS Browser Selector
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    PHP CSS Browser Selector is a PHP library for detecting browser types and running specific CSS code. It will sniff the user agent string and execute browser/OS specific CSS code depending on the string. Features of PHP CSS Browser Selector:Detected OSs:- Microsoft Windows- Linux (x11 and linux)- Mac OS- FreeBSD- iPod Touch- iPhone- WebTV- J2ME Devices (ex: Opera mini) Detected ...
  7. GuestBook Script
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    Guestbook Script is a free script add a free guestbook on your website. People can post a message directly on your website and all the data will be stored in MySQL database. Along with each comment the date and time when it was posted will be recorded too. External CSS file is used to style the look of the guest ...
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    Tiny dropbox is a PHP script for sharing files. It allows an admin to upload files, add a description and share them with his friends or clients. It comes complete with a Flash uploader (supporting multiple file uploads) or a classic single file uploader for older browsers or in cases the Flash uploader does not work. The script does not ...
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    Your Custom CSS is a WordPress plugin for loading custom CSS code. Has an option for loading separate backend and frontend code. A WP admin panel settings page is added under the Settings tab where the admin can go and add his code. Requirements:- WordPress 3.1 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Ready for WordPress 3.4. Installation:- Unpack and ...
  10. CSSTidy
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    CSSTidy is an open-source CSS parser and optimizer. It is available as executeable file (available for Windows, Linux and OSX) which can be controlled per command line and as PHP script (both with almost the same functionality). In opposite to most other CSS parsers, no regular expressions are used and thus CSSTidy has full CSS2 support and a higher reliability.Features ...
  11. Steel Buildings
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    Steel Buildings is a PHP script to help developers build styled forms for their websites and custom fields with custom CSS styling can be added to every form.Instructions are provided in the readme file with the download package.
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    This is an extensible PHP-based CSS pre-processor with a tool for interpreting CSS before sending out to the client. It means that the developer can add CSS in a more complex syntax, and then send it to the pre-processor to convert it into standard CSS code. Features of CSS Crush:- CSS variables.- Search/replace macros- The file is minified.- The file ...
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    This is a small PHP script to convert hex color codes to an RGB format. Useful for the new CSS3 RGBA property. Comes with a GUI, where the user can write the hex color code get the appropriate RGB code. A demo is included with the download package.
  14. WP-Polls
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    This is a WordPress plugin can be used to manage and configure polls. It supports multiple selection of answers. The plugin is extremely customeizable via templates and css styles and there are tons of options for you to choose to ensure that WP-Polls runs the way you wanted.Requirements:- WordPress 2.8What's new in this version:- FIXED: Escaped Hostname.- FIXED: Ensure Poll ...
  15. Orochimu contact
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    Orochimu contact script is a modern and simple PHP/AJAX script. No database is required. Installation and integration is very easy. The content of the form will be mailed to you. The script uses CSS so changing the style is very simple. Features of Orochimu contact script:- 2 languages(expandable)- easily configure- Ajax and PHP engine- 100% customizable skin (no PHP knowledge ...
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