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  1. ajaxCRUD
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    ajaxCRUD takes a table name and displays its records in an HTML table that can be edited using AJAX to save the record changes without reloading the page. AJAX is also used to add new records or delete existent ones.ajaxCRUD supports CSS stylesheets, various datatypes, paging, defining relationships to other tables, callback functions, and many other features.
  2. No Screenshot
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    PHP CRUD allows us to quickly add an indexed, record-centric, flat-file, database to our projects. Optional Base64 encoding ensures that newlines & other special characters can be used without penalty. (Today many say that "CRUD" stands for "Create Retrieve Update and Delete." While fine for an SQL mindset, many old-timers got used to the acronym standing for "Create READ Update ...
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    php-handlersocket is a PHP client library for the HandlerSocket MySQL plugin. HandlerSocket is a NoSQL plugin for MySQL databases, allowing CRUD operations on tables, replacing the classic SQL syntax. The library provides an interface (API) for HandlerSocket, allowing more control over the plugin from inside a PHP app. It basically allows the developer to trigger CRUD operations from within a ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    HSPHP is PHP library for the HandlerSocket MySQL plugin. HandlerSocket is a NoSQL plugin for MySQL databases, allowing CRUD operations on tables, replacing the classic SQL syntax. The library allows developers to trigger CRUD operations from within a PHP website or app. The native HandlerSocket plugin contains native C++ and Perl client libraries. Other client libraries are also available:PHP (version ...
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    PHP Generator is a powerful online tools that can automatically generates fully functional codes for your PHP/Mysql applications. You can create completed CRUD(Create, Retrieve Update and Delete) scripts within ten minutes. Thus it can save you a lot of time wasted on repetitive coding. The generated codes can be easily understood and further customized. It is designed for both beginners ...
  6. CoughPHP
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    This is an PHP ORM (Object Relation Mapping) tool and includes simple methods for all CRUD functionality. CoughPHP maps relational database schemas to PHP objects.Features of CoughPHP:- Advanced Database Configurations- Generating Classes- Autoloader- Query Helpers- Interoperability- Efficiency- SimplicityRequirements:- PHP 5 or HigherWhat's New in This Version:- Ported getFieldsThroughGetters, setFieldsThroughSetters, and test cases from A.S. branch.- Updated copyright information.
  7. No Screenshot
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    This PHP script can be used to perform SQL Update, insert and delete queries from parameters which define the tables, fields and field values. Cyber MySQL is mainly created to execute MySQL queries using lists of arguments.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    AJAX CRUD minimized is an HTML-based CRUD user interface for adding, updating and deleting database records is provided. The script supports record pagination, relationships to other tables, filtering records by a user defined text, presentation customization with CSS style sheets, callback functions, etc.. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
  9. No Screenshot
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    Several functions, that can be used to compose and execute common SQL queries by passing a list of parameters defining tables, fields and conditions, are added to the ezSQL class with CRUDités.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
  10. No Screenshot
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    smysql class allows you to create simple mysql connections and simple CRUD operation. Enjoy it and have fun!
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    RS Asset can be used to provide an object oriented interface to access database table rows performing what is usually called object-relational mapping (ORM).RS Asset reads a mapping definitions array that describes how to access a given table to perform the basic CRUD operations on the table rows: create, read, update and delete. It provides functions those execute operations.
  12. No Screenshot
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    CRUD Class takes a database table and a list of table fields and can generate forms to insert, update and delete the table records, as well list the information stored in those table records.CRUD Class supports retrieving information for storing in the table record fields from joined tables. Multiple databases are supported through separate abstraction layers.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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