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  1. cronHelper
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    cronHelper is a PHP script for avoiding cron job overlaps. The script uses a locking system to avoid PHP cron jobs to overlap, a process that might damage, corrupt or lose important data. This means every time new cron jobs need to be executed, they will first check for currently running jobs before entering execution.
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    Twitter Bot is a simple Twitter Bot written in PHP5, allowing to search and retweet information. The script uses CRON to run regularly at certain intervals. This code is not intended to be used for spamming. Requirements:- Twitter Script- PHP 5.2 or Higher- mb_string functions enabled What's New in This Version:- Added a command line interface executable to manipulate phptwitterbot- ...
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    phpJobSchedule is a scheduling PHP scripts to run at set intervals your replacement for cron jobs/crontab. A simple PHP cron script. It is designed to automate tasks by scheduling PHP scripts to run at set intervals, a replacement for cron jobs on Unix or scheduled tasks using Microsoft Scheduler - PHP hosting is required (if you host multiple sites try ...
  4. twzCronChart
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    This PHP 5 script is created to shows a simple Gantt chart of cron tasks by parsing the crontab to extract task and scheduling information. twzCronChart provides methods to retrieve the number of cron tasks, the cron line for each task, and the next or last date for any task. This script aims to make easier for you to manipulate ...
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    PHP_Scheduler was designed for environments where cron is not available.
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    First PHP Cron Daemon starts a daemon process using Luca Mariano's PHP fork class to make the cron daemon script run like a standalone program.PHP Cron Daemon can parse a crontab file with Mick Sear's cron parser class and extract the job scheduling definitions into a MySQL database table.When it is time to run a scheduled job, it executes the ...
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    A control file is created to keep track of when the task was last scheduled. Virtual Cron can check the control file last modification time to determined whether it passed a given period of time since the last time the task was run.If the given interval time has passed since the last run, the class recreates the control file and ...
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    PHP Cron Parser can be used to parse cron tab files to retrieve job schedules.The idea is to provide an alternative solution for scheduling tasks when it is not to use the cron program usually available and Unix/Linux systems.PHP Cron Parser accept the standard crontab format, including comma separated and range values. It can calculate the next time a scheduled ...
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    PHP Cron can parse cron tab schedules. It does not parse cron tab files themselves, but instead, can determine when a cron job should have last run, given the schedule in cron tab format (like 0 5 * * 1-4).PHP Cron can determine when a cron job should have last run, which can be used in conjunction with database logging ...
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    crontab is for creating scheduling cron jobs.
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