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    reform is a PHP script for quickly assembling web forms together. It is written in object oriented PHP, can be used for creating, nesting, modifying, deleting, and validating forms in the DOM. Meanwhile, it can be can be used to embed dynamically created web forms.
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    Openfire User Service Wrapper can send HTTP GET request to execute commands of an Openfire server on behalf of a given user. Several commands can be executed like the creation, updating and deletion of users. The response XML is retrieved and returned as a string. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    genNewImages takes a given image file and creates a new image with a new size. The resulting image gets saved to a new file or is served as the current script output.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The user records table and field names can be configured. PHP User Class is very flexible as it uses variable settings for database tables and fields, as well as session and cookie names.Key Features of PHP User Class:- Create new user records- Activate user accounts- Authenticate users against credentials stored in session variables and cookies- Logout to end the session ...
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    phpFile is a file manipulation class. This is intended to be either a base class to be extended or can be used on its own. The included example shows how a new file can be created and data written and inserted in the middle of the file.
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    3SS Sync File can be used to create or update local copies of files taken from a remote server. It checks whether the local copy of a file already exists. If it does not exist, the file is copied from the remote server.If the local copy already exists, it compares the remote file and local copy contents. If the contents ...
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    Fuzzy File Times is a simple class that will return the created, modified and accessed times of a file (unix timestamp), and a slightly more fuzzy time string, such as "today at...", "yesterday at...". Fuzzy File Times only includes a small amount of 'fuzziness' right now, but could easily be built on.
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    Two times are taken, first at the beginning and the second time at the end of the script. Subsequently, the difference of the times is determined and returned.
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    fileWriter is used to write files and create folders.
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