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    PHP script cPanel X can be used to manage cPanel hosting accounts. It establishes a connection to a Web server with the pages for managing an hosting environment and emulates the actions of a cPanel administrator user.Currently this script can add and remove e-mail accounts or sub-domains.
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    3SS CPanel can be used to manage accounts of Web hosting clients of systems using the CPanel application.3SS CPanel can call functions of CPanel API to manage domains, accounts, packages, etc.. It can create, kill, suspend and unsuspend hosting or reseller accounts.
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    This PHP-Nuke Module speaks with your Cpanel (hosting manager) and manages your email accounts! By this module you can manage the email account into PHP-Nuke administration, without connecting to the Cpanel administration! This module is compatible with all the Cpanel theme skin! This module has been tested on PHP-NUKE 7.8 and is ready for italian and english languages. What you ...
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    web-cp is a full-featured, GPL-licensed web hosting control panel written in PHP. It consists of 4 control panels - personal, domain, reseller and server. web-cp allows domain owners to add new users and aliases and allows users to update their personal information. Resellers can control their domain accounts and the server administrator controls all functionality. Scripting, shell access, SSI, etc ...
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    TinyTool co-ordinates the activities of PayPal Subscriptions, PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN), the CPanel Web Host Manager (WHM), and a MySQL database to securely colect and record new customer information.
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