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  1. Cpanel cURL Backup
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    This PHP Script is designed to back up of cPanel-based hosting accounts regularly. It sends HTTP requests to a cPanel hosting panel server to request a backup of a given user account. Backup data will be saved to a given local file and can be places wherever the user desires.Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher
  2. cpResellerClients
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    This PHP script can be used to provide information about cPanel clients under a reseller account. It is an alternative to log into Web Hosting Management to list the accounts and also to combine the clients of more than one reseller account into a single list. Data can be presented into any from using templates.Take an example, This script includes ...
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    cPanel Account Creator is a quick and easy cpanel account creation script, written to be as simple as possible.Users/Login details are stored in a file, why? There was so many database driven cpanel account creators out there I didn't see the point of recreating them, especially for something that was just a play around.In future versions I might look at ...
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    HTTP requests can be sent to the cPanel API in order to perform several types of MySQL database administration tasks with cPanel Database Administering.Currently cPanel Database Administering can check if a database or an user record exists, create or delete a database, create or delete a database user, and grant access privileges to a database user.Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    The Host Core (THC) is a must for individuals who currently run, or plan to operate a hosting company. THC is a highly configurable webware application which eases the creation and operation of a WHM/Cpanel hosting company. The script integrates with WHM/Cpanel and automates the creation of hosting accounts. Not only will THC simplify all aspects of running a hosting ...
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    Cpanel Backup allows trasferring the backup data via SCP (Secure Shell Copy) as alternative to regular FTP. The remote destination directory for the backup file can also be specified. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Cpanel Backup scheduler accesses the control Web server of a Cpanel installation and sends an HTTP request to schedule a backup with given parameters. Currently Cpanel Backup scheduler supports parameters for specifying the FTP account to where the backup files should be uploaded and the e-mail address to where the notifications should be sent. The result page of the backup ...
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    WHM XML API can establish secure HTTP connections to a Web server to manage Cpanel/WHM accounts and authenticates on behalf of a given cPanel user. Several types of requests can be executed.Key Features of WHM XML API:- Retrieve the XML API version- Retrieve the server host name- List the active hosting accounts- List the available packages- Create a new account- ...
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    CpMailAddresses accesses to a cPanel Web server on behalf of an administrator user, and retrieves the pages that list each type of e-mail addresses: POP accounts, forwarding accounts, and catch-all accounts.The specified type of addresses are retrieved from parsing the pages, and are returned in an array.Requirements: PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    Several hosting accounts operations can be performed through the cPanel management API.Key Features of CPanel Control Class:- Create or kill an account- Retrieve the list of existing accounts- Suspend and unsuspend accounts- Retrieve the list of available packages- Retrieve the cPanel API versionRequirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    cPanel Email Accounts is a simple class that can be used create e-mail addresses for domains hosted using a cPanel account. It extends a script originally made available in the zubrag.com Web site.cPanel Email Accounts accesses a cPanel Web server and sends a command to create an e-mail account with a given address, password and quota.cPanel Email Accounts retrieves and ...
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    cPanel Sub-domains Creator can be used to create sub-domains for hosting accounts managed by cPanel. It can access the cPanel administration Web interface pages on behalf of an administrator user.cPanel Sub-domains Creator accesses the cPanel page for adding a sub-domain for a given root domain.
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    cPanel API can be used to list and manage details of cPanel hosting accounts.cPanel API can establish a secure connection to a cPanel server and enumerate, create and remove email and FTP accounts, domains, email forwarders and auto-responders, and databases, as well as change passwords, quotas, and cPanel settings.
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    cPanel Tools can be used to manage cPanel hosting accounts. It can access the administration pages of cPanel installation Web server on behalf of a given administrator user, and executes several types of cPanel management operations.Currently cPanel Tools can manage account e-mail addresses, auto-responders, domain parking, addons, sub-domain redirection, databases, user accounts, .htaccess access file directives, and file permissions.
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    The Sandbox is the web developer's playground. It is a single directory filemanger that is designed to be extremely lightweight, allowing a developer to quickly write PHP files without having to go through the trouble of using complex filemanagers with oversimplified editors like CPanel's filemanager.Many of the filemanagers that exist today are complex and bloated for the purpose of quickly ...
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