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  1. php.SimpleGeo
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    php.SimpleGeo is a PHP script for simple geo-location features. Based on the user's location, the script will show a simple flag, country's 2 letter code and the country name. The script does not use a special database file, is very standard and comes with simple usage instructions. An example is also included with the download package. What's New in This ...
  2. IP To Country Lookup PHP Script
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    This is a IP to country Lookup PHP script which can find the country and host info for an IP address. Features include showing host lookup, country name, 2 letter country code, and country flag image. Includes links to more lookups such as Spammer and Blacklists, and Regional whois servers. Features of IP to Country Lookup PHP script:- Find the ...
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    It retrieves a page of the ip-adress.com site with the city, state, ISP, country, organization associated to a given IP address. This information is stored in the class variables. Since the service only allows 20 queries per IP, a multi-proxy system is included.Installation: Load curl extensionCHMOD ip_info_proxy.txt to 0777Read readme.txt Requirements: PHP 4.0.2 or higher
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    getRo queries the cartiagricole.ro website and retrieves information about Romanian countries and cities.Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    phpIP2Country can be used to determine the country of a given IP searching in an IP range database. It accesses a SQL database that has a table with the countries associated to each known IP range.The IP address to check is searched to determine which IP range it belongs. If its IP range is found, the class returns the associated ...
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    IP_to_country class can be used to determine the country of an IP address using the Whois service. It connects to an Whois server and queries the information associated to a given IP address.If country information is available, IP_to_country class returns an array with the country code, country name and the file name of the country flag.
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    Country Config is meant to read or write XML files with country codes and associated country name and other information.Country Config uses ianacclister class to build a country information listing as an associative array. It also uses Config class to write the country information to a country-codes.xml fileThe readConfiguration function reads from that file, returning an array keyed by country ...
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    A "better" CountryList class. Supports German, English and Frensh ISO 3166 Country Codes and Names.
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    Provides an ISO standard list of countries and abbreviations in a state-maintaining popup menu.Requirements:my popup_menu.php class
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    DB Country Codes class is meant to store and retrieve country codes and other information in a database.The class extends the DB_Table class create a database table, insert, update and query data about the countries that is initialized using the ianacclister class. It supports all the DBMS supported by DB_Table.
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    A class for building the big list of country selections, with some parameterization.
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    bbIPtoCountry can determine the country where it is located the network of a given IP address. The class looks up the country code of the IP address in MySQL table with IP ranges.bbIPtoCountry provides a function that populates the IP address range table with information from a CSV file of the IP-to-Ccountry service that may be obtained from the site ...
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    Given an IP or a Hostname, it returns information about the country, latitude and longitude of the geographic location of the host on the world.worldlocator also shows a map image marking the location. This map can ve viewed perfectly even if your server doesn't have GD.
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    GET by IP can determine the country and other details associated to a given IP address by querying an WHOIS server.Besides the country, if available, GET by IP also retrieves these fields of the responsible institution for the range of IP addresses to which the given IP belongs: netname, person, address, phone and e-mail.
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    Country From IP is a free PHP script can be used to determine country of the network of a given IP address to look for a simple text database file. It can also determine the path of an image file of the flag of a given country.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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