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  1. Users online
    590 total visits
    Users online is a PHP and MySQL script which is a great litte addon to your site which allows you to output how many people are currently browsing your website.Features of Users online:- All set up and ready to go - just requires MySQL information!- Automatic installer to make for an easy install- Built in troubleshooter- Record of most users ...
  2. No Screenshot
    617 total visits
    This is a PHP counter script to add a visitors counter to display the number fo people who have accessed a page. The counter is done with pure CSS, with no images needed. Page access statistics are kept in a locat text files. A working demo is included with the download package.
  3. CosmicCounter
    615 total visits
    ComisCounter is a free php counter scipt that will display the number of visitors to each page on your site. This will inform you which of your pages are getting the most hits and where your customers are spending their time.
  4. InstaCounter
    200 total visits
    InstaCounter is a PHP Counter script that uses a MySQL database to store all setting. Therefore InstaCounter is fast and very powerful. It enables you to add unlimited counters and define a style for each. You can add unlimited styles, adding a piece of HTML code for each number. This way you can make your image or graphical, or text ...
  5. PHP Free hit counter
    457 total visits
    This is text based hit counter. Counter value can be easily modified. - Counter accepts styles to modify the design- Counter can be incremented by any value.
  6. Butterfly - online vistors counter
    305 total visits
    Butterfly is powered by ajax, PHP and XML, These three componets give to Butterfly lot of new features and standard in CSS, XHTML, etc.Features of Butterfly - Online visitors counter:- Work in php and html pages- CSS compatible with all browsers- Change number of visitors without refreshing- Do not use iframe- Simple installation- Does not need any type of databases
  7. Multi Download Counter
    323 total visits
    Multi download counter is PHP script for counting different downloaded items. It is a free PHP counter script.Features of Multi Download Counter:- counting/downloading unlimited number of items- simple installation- CSS compatible with all browsers- show total number of downloads- display counted number for each item separately- uses Flat File (txt file) and does not need MySQL or any other DB
  8. No Screenshot
    390 total visits
    CF Users Online PHP script is a very simple PHP counter script that allow you to display how many people are viewing your website at any one time. This script will generate a small image (like the small RSS 80*15 button) with then number of visitors viewing your site.The look of the generated image by the PHP script is easy ...
  9. PHPCount-PHP Text hit counter
    453 total visits
    PHPcount is a simple yet effective PHP text hit counter. It uses flat-text database so no SQL database is necessary. It can count hits for multiple pages of your website or even websites on other servers. With the help of cookies it can count unique visits only.The count is displayed on the page using a simple Javascript code. The script ...
  10. Visits
    404 total visits
    This PHP counter script can be used to creat a visitor's counter. Visitor statistics are kept in a MySQL database table, which update a count of pages viewed on each day.The script can also hold statistics of page views for a given number of days, weeks, months or years.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  11. Count Script
    222 total visits
    Count and online script can be inplement to count how many your website has been loaded and how many people are online. It records the data with any specific time interval. It can also to find out how many clicks or average online were there in a specific period of time. Together with the function to analyse the records. The ...
  12. QwikStats
    255 total visits
    QwikStats is a small, lightweight PHP counter script with a graphical display showing the amouts of hits each month. All traffic stats are stored in flat text files.Some key features of QwikStats:- PHP hit counter- No database needed- Graph showing the amount of visitors each month- Save the hits if the admin wants to keep an archive for each year
  13. No Screenshot
    1793 total visits
    Counter & Visitor statistics is not only a PHP counter tool but also a visitor registration and statistic tool. Version 2 is a replacement of the old count_visitor class. There are lot of good systems like this script but most of them are really complex and difficult to modify.You have to use this kind of systems like provided. This script ...
  14. No Screenshot
    2174 total visits
    Ezcounter is meant to count user visit or page hits. It is text based (no database) and the (text) output digits can be formatted with CSS when a CSS class is defined. Ezcounter is a powerful and free PHP counter script.
  15. No Screenshot
    1903 total visits
    Plottable Online Script is a free and Open Source php counter script.Plottable Online Script uses a database table to keep track of several statistics about the users online of a site. Features of Plottable Online Script:- Uses a MySql as cc- Determines a new visitor based on IP address and session id- Supports different modes of detect a new visitor- ...
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