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    The file base class can open text or binary files for reading or writing. File class can also obtain the file size, owner user and group, the file name and suffix, set or retrieve the read or write position, write data or copy to another file.A sub-class is used to open the upload temporary file so that the functions of ...
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    The max width and the max height for the output image can be specified and the aspect ratio is being kept.
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    Check backup can take a file with a list of files to create backup copy to a given backup directory.Check backup can determine which files changed since the last backup session before creating a compressed tar archive of the old backup directory and copying the new files.A log can be generated and an e-mail message with the list of files ...
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    This PHP class can be used to browse and manage files stored on the server. Webexplore presents a Web page based user interface that lists files stored on the server.Webexplore also provides a user interface to let the users perform several types of operations to manipulate the files and directories like: copying, renaming, deleting and searching.Installation- Unpack to a folder ...
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    Copy directory include subdirectories and files, and set correct CMOD. Connecting servers ftp2ftp, if not access rsync, SSH. Advanced statistics. Improved stability. Multiuser. Report to file (tree directory, stat). Only one PHP file 20kb. Perfect tool :).
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    Copy all tables MYSQL Database FROM: MYSQL-Server, HTTP-Path file or Upload file dump TO: MYSQL-Server, One file, File-parts dump. Advanced statistics. Improved stability. Multiuser. Report to file. No limit database size. Convert Charset. Only one PHP file 26kb. Perfect tool :)
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    Small copy and paste script, including the figures. A figure with one irregular border is shown (the problem), and the player must select the complementary one.
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    The F-ystem Support Module allows you to read or write to a file. It will also copy files if needed. When you read, write or copy a file you must use an existing directory. You will also have to manually chmod your files in order to write to them. Although append mode works if the folder is executable. F-ystem methods ...
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    Automatic Archive Creator can create backup copies of files in a given directory by copying the files to another directory.The origin directory to take the backup is traversed recursively.Automatic Archive Creator can copy only the files changed after a given date to minimize the time that the process will take after the first backup.
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